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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ways to Save Money Part 3

Final post in the series of Ways to Save Money is here! Until I come up with more tips that is... but I think I've exhausted my money saving expertise for now and 30 tips total sounds like a nice round number :)

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Ways to Save Money {Part 3}
1. Plant a garden. Veggies you use a lot make the most sense but also see what grows well in your area. Herbs are always great to try! See if you can even make trades with other garden growers!

1st attempt at a garden

2. Redbox it. Yep we use the word rebox as a verb. You can't beat $1 a day with those things (especially with how ridiculously expensive the movie theater is) and the ability to search for and reserve your movie online if you wish.

3. Receive Groupon and other daily deals in your email. Recently we bought a deal for a restaurant we like that was pay $20 for a value of $40. Just don't be tempted by something you aren't sure you would really use.

4. Search for free events. Many cities have a calendar of events with some free activities so take advantage of those such as free concerts, festivals, movie in the park, etc.

5. Don't pay for a newspaper. You can read most any news online and get coupons there too.

6. Don't pay for a house phone. It seems so unnecessary these days as most everyone has a cell phone and that is where you can be reached best anyhow. Just use that as your primary phone.

7. Make gifts or part of a gift. There are so many great crafts out there that are easy to do and don't require a special skill or machine. Most people love receiving something homemade as part of a gift since it is meaningful.

8. Be a DIYer! Before you pay someone else to do it or buy it, see if you can do it reasonably yourself for less. Painting, putting in new fixtures, and building shelves are great examples and being a DIYer is kinda fun too!

backyard DIY deck

9. Get a programmable thermostat. This has been a save for us as you can set temperature at different times and days. It is wonderful to be able to set the heat or air to come on right before we get home or to have it change temps in the middle of the night.

And last but not least...

10. Share. What goes around comes back around right... or at least that what we all hope regarding nasty ex-boyfriends and those that cut us off in line. Haha! Maybe you have some maternity clothes, toys, or something you can lend to someone else while you can't use it and they can. I remember getting my cousin's dollhouse as a kid since she was about 10 years older and then when I was too old, it went back to her to one day use for her kids!

Of course all of these tips are just my opinion and may not work for everyone. If yall have some fun tips to share leave a comment... I'd love to hear 'em!

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  1. Thanks for all of those tips, a very good series of posts!! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow!!
    Have a happy Monday!


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