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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pitcher redo

I grabbed this pitcher for a few bucks at our goodwill. I mut have been really anxious to paint it because I forgot to take a before picture but it had some ugly flowers on it. So I spray primed it.

Then I spray painted it with a few coats of antique white rustoleum. But it actually didn't stick very well. It bubbled in places and kinda cracked in a few other places. So I had it in my garage while I figured out what i was going to do. I was hand painting primer on another project when I decided I would just slap some on the pitcher.

And I actually liked the result. You could see some brushstrokes and it wasn't perfect but at least it covered well and there weren't bubbles or cracks. It is a little antique-ish looking and rustic which is fine by me :)

I picked up some blue hydrangeas at Michael's and I already had some long green grass looking stuff to fill it with. I stuffed some plastic bags in there to get the arrangement positioned like I wanted it and it worked like a charm!

I think it looks fabulous on hubby's dresser!


  1. Cute! I love white everything. People really should hide the white spray paint from me! I would love for you to stop by and link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party (it lasts all week)!

  2. Oh good Idea! I see some ugly pitchers on my thrifting outings - I need to see past the ugly, and see them painted!

  3. I like this idea. Your blog reminds me alot of mine. I found you on Sassy Sites blog hop. I am now a follower.

  4. That looks so elegant! And, as a side note, I like your wall color :)

  5. I need to start finding these things at my local Goodwill and doing this ;) Thanks for sharing. It turned out great.

  6. thanks LambAround, I believe the wall color is called faint maple by valspar :)

  7. It has great lines, and I love the classic, elegant white! Great find and refurb Emily! Thank you so much for linking up!


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