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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anytime blocks {tutorial}

I shared part of Baby William's gift with the onesies and shoes and this is what else I decided to do... ANYTIME BLOCKS! I found this tutorial here where they call them All Season blocks and simplified them a bit. I think they are not only for all seasons but just for any possible time you can think of since they spell SO many things!

I got a 3x3 finished wooden post from lowes and had hubby cut it into blocks... it made 14 but I used 13 for this project (never hurts to have an extra in case I messed one up). By the way the 3x3 block isn't quite 3 inches by 3 inches... who knows why in the world they call it 3x3 if it's not but anyway, measure carefully.

I did just a little light sanding and painted each block with craft paint. I chose a bright green color as the nursery walls are a honey beige color and they are going with bright accent colors like greens, blues, red, orange. It took about 3 coats.

I used my handy dandy silhouette to cut out the letters for the 10 letter blocks (the other 3 blocks don't use letters) using white cardstock.

Block 1: H Y E D A N
Block 2: A C R S N I
Block 3: R P E T U N
Block 4: V N L O A S
Block 5: E O M D S R
Block 6: S M K I A O
Block 7: T F B W Y E
Block 8: U A G L Y T
Block 9: P J I H O W
Block 10: F P S C U E

I brushed homemade mod podge (half school glue/half water but then a tad more glue) onto the blocks and stuck on the letters letting sides dry in between.

Then I cut various scrapbook papers the size of a block side for the remaining 3 blocks and adhered it the same way. I did leave one blank side per block in case they wanted plain spacers. Love the smiling Christmas lights!

Then I sprayed on a couple coats of protective non yellowing sealant. The rustic white scrapbook paper with the eye-ish circles on it is probably my fave.

TA-DA! They really do spell so many things! You can go here for the original list of things they spell but they spell a ton of names and other things not on that list. Like Clemson and Tigers and William which are perfect for this gift :)

And they even spell Dangerous E (since Eric had that "hot and dangerous..." song stuck in his head) and that uses all 10 letter blocks haha.

Then they got all boxed up and shipped with the rest of William's gift. Hopefully these blocks can grow up with him in his room or maybe even be passed down to a sibling one day! Go to my friend Shannon's blog to see cute pics of him. Here is one Shannon sent me along with the thank you card. LOVE IT!


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  1. LOVE these! especially the "thanks" picture.. what a cutie!

  2. How stinking adorable! What a cute idea!! Man, I REALLY want a silhouette (crossing my fingers for all those giveaways, lol). Good work!

  3. These are so cute! What a great idea. I love the THANKS picture - how adorable :).

  4. This is great! Your little guy is adorable! I would love if you linked this up to my Make it for less party! It goes on every Monday at

  5. love them!!! such a great idea:)

  6. SO cute! I have some blocks that I want to redo for my SIL's new baby, but I don't have a silhouette so I need to find another idea...maybe just painting the letters??

  7. allenaim - maybe you could use stickers meant for scrapbooking??
    Sorry that he didn't pose too great for the picture, but we tried!

  8. Another wonderful gift and tutorial! I love the idea of using the wooden post. I've purchased individual blocks at Michael's, but it can get costly when doing a large project. Your blocks are wonderful!

    Emily, thank you so much for linking up to "A Little Birdie Told Me..."!



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