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Friday, May 6, 2011

Craigslist find with patience

Does anyone else struggle with being patient? I do and I am always praying for the Lord to help me be more patient. It seems that things are constantly getting faster and quicker. Even just thinking about logging onto the internet or loading a page 10 years ago vs. today. Today, if I don't get a quick response or don't see something happening immediately then I think something is probably wrong so that timeframe has become the new norm.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think technology advances are bad. I just think it hasn't helped me (and probably others) to be patient with other things. For instance, our home. I would love to just buy all the furniture, decor, etc. needed and call it a done deal but I am learning (or trying at least) to be patient. There is no big rush. Not everything has to be right here right now.

One thing I waited for and the wait paid off was our front porch rocking chairs. From the moment we moved in (almost 2 yrs ago) I have wanted 2 of those wooden rockers for our front porch. Being on a budget and knowing we needed many things for our new home, I decided to look for them on Craigslist. Who knew it would take me until just a week ago to find them!

In the beginning I looked every day and if I did find some like what we wanted they ended up being already sold or too expensive. Many times hubby said "let's just go buy them new if you want them" but no, I was going to be patient about them (also a tad stubborn to I suppose). After awhile I only checked Craigslist once a week and was still just being patient knowing eventually we would have some. Then one of our neighbors who knew I had been wanting rockers, emailed me last weekend and said she just saw some on Craiglist. And they were exactly what we wanted and only $80 for the 2! We picked them up that day!

They definintely need a good wipe down and perhaps a new coat of paint in the future but I'm in no rush :)

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  1. Jealous....I've been looking for rockers on Craigslist:) Love Craigslist! Much of my furniture has come from there and been refinished. Visiting from making the world cuter ~ Rachel


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