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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So sorry I have been missing in action lately but here's what has been going on in the LaForce household that has made me neglect my blog.

First I came down with a cold. Then we went on a 7-day cruise which was AMAZING and I will definitely be writing about that later (and yes I did still have a cough from the cold while on the cruise but we didn't let that stop any fun from happening). Then upon returning more cold symptoms came back and I am now trying to get over an upper respiratory infection (yuck!) while working and trying to clean up the house here and there. Let's just say we still have suitcases laying about and many trip clothes that need to be washed. Guilty as charged.

I had grand plans of scheduling multiple posts while we were gone but that didn't happen. I promise to have some posts out soon so bear with me! In the meantime prayers for me to get healthy again are much appreciated!

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