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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closet redo with bracketless shelves

To the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  Now this is a story all about how my hubby and dad built closet shelves. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I ended up with extra storage space.

Eric previously posted about our half bath transformation into a smaller half bath which allowed for making a new closet accessible from our living room and so he's baaaaack with a post about the closet!

Hi everyone, back with an addendum post to our bathroom/closet redo.  This is part two where I explain how we built shelves in the new closet.  Emily's Dad helped us out with these.  He likes to joke that we would be rich men if we worked by the hour.  While it's true that we worked at a snail's pace, I think it worked to our advantage and ensured we created some quality shelves.

Now Emily and I envisioned these shelves being a step up from your typical wire frame closet shelves that most home builders use.  We wanted some nice wooden shelves that had clean lines.  Emily's Dad had the good idea of building "bracket less" shelves.  This is the type of shelves they have in their kitchen pantry.  It has two benefits.  First, you don't see some ugly brackets sticking out from the bottom of the shelves.  Second more practical use is that it allows you to utilize the full space between shelves.

As you can see, we used some simple pine wood to build out the framing of the shelves.  We build the frames such that we could simply lay down the shelves on top of the framing with minimal fuss.  I bought some prefabricated shelves so they would look polished and clean.  They were of course not the right size for the closet, but it was just a simple matter of using the miter saw to chop them down to the right length.

The closet was big enough for four shelves, but as you can see we chose to only put in 3.  This gives us a very large space up top if we want to any tall items in this new closet. 

yes we like games

 The light from the bathroom redo came in handy here and really lights up the closet to make it easy to find things.

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  1. Hey - just popped over from HOH's party. I had to laugh - we just redid our bathroom, but instead made it larger by stealing room from our HUGE closet right next to it, and then did the SAME thing for our new shelves in the closet.

    Great minds think alike, huh!!!


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