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Monday, April 2, 2012

Goodwill Dresser Redo (finally!)

You may recall the dresser I bought at goodwill in August 2010. Yes, 2010. What can I say, other things got in the way or took priority. When I saw it in the store, I immediately had to have it. Especially for the price of $25. Yeah, twenty-five bucks... it was a great day in goodwill.

I did some work over the next couple months cleaning it out and wiping it down. Taking off the hardware and sanding it. Then I primed it and it sat a very long time in the garage until this past fall when I decided to finally getter done. It's about time, right?

I wasn't totally thrilled with the first sanding job I had done on the top with an old sander and we had since purchased a new sander. I re-sanded the top (the rest was fine) and primed again with Kilz.

Then I painted 2 coats all over of SW Alabaster - a white creamy color. I ended up doing a third coat of paint just on the top.  A big thanks to Cassie at Primitive and Proper (now I can finally link up at her furniture party!) for suggesting this color to me and letting me know that having brush strokes on the top is normal and adds to the character of the piece. The only way to get it perfectly smooth is with a sprayer and with this being a hobby I just can't justify buying that.

I got Eric and my dad around Christmas time to fix a couple of the drawer hinges. One of them is still not that great, but that's okay by me for such a cheap dresser.

I spray painted the hardware with an oil rubbed bronze and reattached them to the drawers. I let it sit about a week before moving it upstairs to the loft. Then I did 2 coats of polycrylic on the top since that is where I wanted to put lamps and such. I could have done it all over but I didn't think it was really necessary since I will use this for storage and not be opening the drawers on a daily basis.

Then I waited a week before placing anything on top. I added 2 teal lamps that I purchased from HomeGoods shortly after getting the dresser. They are the main inspiration for the color scheme that will be in this room.

I am happy to say I finished this up before the new year so at least it was only a year-ish since I bought it before completing it  :)  It also taken me awhile to get around to taking pictures of it and writing a post about it...

I think it is worth it to get something when you see it, even if you plan on waiting awhile to work on it because who knows when land a great find again. Case in point, I have a buffet type piece (cabinets on the bottom with shelves above) in the garage now that I bought a year ago waiting to be redone. Maybe since the dresser is all done, I will be motivated to start on that.

It's hard to believe what a $25 dresser, a can of paint, and a can of spray paint can become!

I am totally in love with my redo dresser and I hope you like it too! I need advice of what else should go on top of the dresser or should be hung above it so leave your thoughts here!

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  1. it looks awesome- love those fun lamps!

  2. Gotta Lo<3e Goodwill! Great job. I am hoppin' on over from Primitive & Proper. Nice blog you have :)

  3. It's awesome. The lamps are so fun, too. Perhaps a wreath or a mirror hung above it? Or a gallery wall? THanks for linking to Handmade Tuesdays.

  4. Lovey makeover and it goes perfectly with the lamps!

  5. Wow, great transformation! And I love the lamps... A pretty tray holding a vase or a picture frame might look nice on top between the lamps.

    Visiting from the party at Blue Cricket Design.

    sara @

  6. Awesome job! Love the aqua lamps!

  7. Love this. I have one in my garage and I am waiting for it to tell me what color it wants to be.

  8. What a beautiful transformation! So glad I found your blog via Creations by Kara. I'm a new follower so we can stay connected. I would love if you stopped by and followed too. Lori

  9. Looks great! i love those turquoise lamps on top. Great balance of color. Great score at Goodwill ;-)

  10. I love a good makeover. I would love it if you linked it up to my new link party.

    Can't Wait to see what else you create.


  11. Hi, confused. Was it $15.00 or was it $25.00? I read both chapters of your story and you did a great job however, there is mention of two different prices for the cost of the dresser.
    Thank, Confused.


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