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Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY wooden outdoor dining table

Late last summer Eric and I decided to make our own wooden outdoor table. Wooden outdoor tables are sooo expensive and many reviews I read reported poor durability! I wanted something that would last more than a year or 2 and not break the bank.

We turned to Ana White's plans here. I'm sure many of you have seen her website full of plans for about any piece of furniture you can imagine. This was our first furniture build aside from the play kitchen.

I will say it is important to not only read her directions but also read all the post comments where people who have been in your exact situation ask questions and offer advice.

Here are some pictures from out table building adventure.

It was extremely helpful to have the pocket Kreg Jig for attaching the top slats. Not sure if it is truly required but it made it 150 times easier.

We built a table with our bare hands (and some tools). Yeah!

After finishing the a piece with treated wood you have to wait 3 months to stain/paint it. We had decided on a brown stain that had a hint of red in it from Lowes. It looked completely like redwood after putting the stain on and we were not happy with it so then it sat for awhile. I didn't take a picture but you can sorta see what the color was by looking on the bottom but it was redder in person.

A couple months ago we decided to figure out what to do to make it better. Here is where Third time's a charm holds true!

Someone at Lowes said we could just get a darker stain and stain right over it. Fail. That did not work at all. We even tried sanding one of the boards and then doing the new stain but it was still just as red as before. Then we tried priming it and using the stain over that. Fail again. Next we decided we would buy outdoor paint in brown and paint that over the primer. Finally a winner!

It took two coats but I am really happy with the color and it will work well with any color in plates, napkins, etc. In the end it all worked out :)

We already got to enjoy the new table at our Cinco De Mayo cookout!

We also recently made a bench to go with the table (also Ana White partially pictured 2 pictures up) and I cannot wait to show you that soon!

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  1. WOW! that looks amazing! i love the planked top!

  2. Great job!! It's so cool when you can say you made it yourself...a real sense of achievement is felt!!
    You guys did an awesome job!!

  3. great table, i love when a project comes together! visit me and follow back i blog over at :0 take i look forward to more posts

  4. Good job guys. I really like your creation. I will definitely try this. Outdoor dining table is really a very good product to enjoy the moment with our family as well helpful to enhance the beauty of a home. Last Month I also purchased a wooden dining table and it makes my dining hall more beautiful and pretty.

  5. I have actually read a lot of your blog posts in the last hour. I really enjoy what you are doing here. (And as a writer of fantasy novels, I'm enjoying looking at different aspects of that when you go through them in blog post). And truly, I love world-culture building

  6. I found a project about how to build a dining table and liked it but I wanted to make a few adjustments to it. I needed to make it a bit larger for our dining room. My wife wanted a table that can sit 8-10 people. With a few adjustments on the length I was able to make this table 44 inches wide and made it 90 inches long. Let me just say by adding to the size it adds a lot more weight to it as well.
    For the table top I used 4 2x12. I trimmed each end the best I could with a hand planer and sanding before gluing. This gave me about 44 inches after words.
    As for the base I didn't change much other then the legs. My wife wasn't thrilled with the block like style legs so I was able to find legs in the lumber section at Lowe's that I was able to use.
    For the base and legs I painted them first with a greenish blue paint then on top of that I used an off white color and lightly sanded it to give that distress look. It's hard to tell from the photo but in person it really looks good.
    I am pleased with the way it turned out, hope this helps.

  7. Looks great. I like this wooden project very much. It is really great idea to make our home furnished with woods. I love furniture. Also I love your table. :)

  8. Wow! Big wow!
    I love the final result! The table is very suitable for outdoor parties. Thank the author shared this article!

  9. Your table looks so cute. I love it.

  10. so gorgeous! we have an old library table as our dining table outside, but if i didn’t i would be attempting this!

  11. This is a fantastic idea! I think my friend would love it since she has a bit of space outdoors - perfect for some BBQs and beers.

  12. Really good pictures and an amazing work you have done there, good job, keep posting !

  13. I want to try woodworking and your idea with the DIY wooden outdoor dining table is really great. Thank you for detailed explanation.


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