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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Southern Caribbean Cruise: Barbados

The last port on our cruise, Feb. 16th, was Barbados. Whenever anyone mentioned Barbados in the past I always thought "oooohhh Barbados". It sounded so tropical and exclusive. Although it wasn't mountainous like some other islands, the water was such a pretty blue. Here is how we enjoyed our day in Barbados.

I booked us a catamaran snorkeling excursion through Silvermoon after reading all the reviews. It included 2 dive sites and lunch and any drinks you want relaxing on a large catamaran. There were probably about 18 people there not including the crew.

We first snorkeled with sea turtles! This was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. We got to pet them and took some great pictures. They were much bigger than I imagined.

This is so you can get some perspective as to their size. This was one of the crew who did the dives too.

On the way to the next place we sailed by some prince's private boat. Oh...must be nice.

At the next site we explored a small shipwreck.

After snorkeling they provided a big lunch buffet of chicken, fish, rice, pasta, salad, and bread. Earlier in the day they also passed out warm homemade banana bread - out of this world! At the end of the trip we got homemade carrot cake that was just as delicious. I am sure they get all of this from a catering company but whatever one they use, they did a great job! After lunch we spent time relaxing or you could get in the water and swim around. We had a wonderful time and Silvermoon was so accommodating.

Then we headed back towards the Serenade.

That night was the other formal/cocktail dress night. Before dinner we went up to the deck to take some pictures before the sun set. The only drawback of cruising in the winter is the sun setting earlier. It was quite windy so were weren't as successful as we hoped but got a couple good ones.

We had dinner in the dining room like always and took some of the photos the ship's photographers take. I ended up getting one they took of the four of us from this night. And then of course we took a few more :)

Keith had a plan to end the picture taking quickly.

Later that night we enjoyed one of the ship's many hot tubs. Surprising we had it all to ourselves for the longest time! I guess some people were dining or going to the show. We weren't really too interested in most of the shows. We did see something the crew cast members put on with different numbers from Broadway musicals but it was mediocre.

Then we came back to a towel monkey!

Who was quite hungry...

Next will be our day at sea on the way back and then our day in San Juan. Hope you are enjoying the trip!

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