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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is where I tell you about why I haven't been blogging recently....

I started a new job at work a couple of weeks ago (same company) so of course any time you take a new job/position it's busy and stressful at first as you are getting acclimated. Throw a very critical project with extremely tight deadlines in our near future on top and you just multiplied that ten-fold.

I've been jet setting across the US... those of you who do it know traveling for work is not glamorous. Last week Plano (state #20 for me). This week Westlake Village, CA. And just working my butt off on this project.

So that is my excuse reason for slacking on the blog posts. The small amount of personal time I have had lately has been spent enjoying time with the hubby or working out.. still going strong with my new years goal of 4 workouts per week woohoo!! (minus a couple weeks I was sick in Feb)

The good news is I do have a few draft posts in the works and I hope to finish a couple of those up this weekend like the trip I took to Denver.

Thanks for hanging in there while things are hectic!

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