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Friday, August 17, 2012

Visiting Denver

A visit to Denver to see one of my closest friends was state number 19 for me! (Since then I have added 20) As I mentioned, Vickie and I spent a weekend visiting Brooke and our sorority sis Brett.

Vickie spent a little time in Brett's neighborhood Thursday night while my flight was delayed (almost cancelled whew!) I arrived pretty late and we grabbed Vickie and all headed to Brooke's apt to rest up for a fun weekend.

this is Brooke's apt in the daytime- the walkway to the left takes you across to downtown

Friday morning the four of us explored Red Rocks, which was on my list of must-sees. It would be amazing to see a concert here.

There were a bunch of people exercising and even a high school football team training by carrying each other up the steps. If you don't live in Denver you can tell that you breathe a little heavier at the high altitudes but it wasn't anything really noticeable. I am sure you feel it quickly when working out though.

The Red Rocks museum contained lists of all that had ever performed there and the history of the amphitheater and rocks.

they are bigger than you think

We had lunch fairly close to where Brett lives and went to a couple shops and to Wash park.

Then we had delicious ice cream at Sweet Action... great name. I had cinnamon vegan ice cream that was amazing... tasted just like regular ice cream but without all the fatty stuff like milk and cream.

Friday night we went out to dinner and several bars downtown. Brooke's apt is only about a 15 min walk to downtown... nice area and close to so many things.
on the walk to the bars
One casual bar, Gin Mill had a great back patio where people played flip cup and beer pong and they had free popcorn. More bars should definitely have free popcorn.

Another sorority sister Mary joined us for a bit there. Here are all of the girls.

Saturday we went to the 16th Street mall. It had a bunch of big name stores like H&M and Forever 21.

We ate lunch nearby at the Paramount cafe that we just happened upon. The turkey burger was delicious and outdoor seating was nice.

That afternoon we walked around more downtown. We visited the capitol building with the famous one mile above sea level marker.

Oh and Vic mimicked the pose of these statues.

Saturday night Brooke, Vickie and I went to the Rockies game vs. the Padres. Stubhub was sold out but we easily scalped tickets near the stadium which was a 20 min walk from the apt.

The Rockies didn't win but there were amazing fireworks after. They allow everyone in the "debris zone" cheap seats onto the field to watch instead. We moved down closer for the long show.

After we visited one bar brewery before heading back. The Denver area has many local breweries.

Sunday we met up with Brett again and visited the giant REI store that was a stone's throw from Brooke's apt. It was several levels and even had a large rock wall inside. The rentals for biking, skiing, backpacking, etc are popular for the outdoorsy lifestyle there.

We walked to the Highland area (artsy district) and had lunch at Ale House at Amato's. The upstairs patio was great and I had a fabulous grilled cheese with goat cheese and avocado. Yum!

Then it was time to bid farewell to Denver and head to the airport. Fun weekend with great girls!

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