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Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Days in Seattle: Day 3

This was our final full day in our Pac NW adventure.

Day 1  Day in Vancouver  Day 2

That morning we grabbed a bus over to the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle's most populated residential area, to stroll around. We quickly came upon the famous Dick's Drive In on Broadway that has been operating since 1954. No, we did not eat there because gallbladderless Emily + any greasy food = never a good combination. But I did snap a picture and smell the delicious burgers and fries.

The neighborhood was quaint and had lots of interesting shops and restaurants we walked by.

There was a "best walk" suggested in a travel guide of taking (from Broadway) Roy St. to Harvard Ave to Highland for a nice stroll among gorgeous trees and homes. Some of Seattle's millionaires live in that area.

Wonder who lives here...

Lots of luscious greenery. And check out my fun new hat and new tunic (well not actually new but new to me from my mama)! Great for a day of exploring.

We then walked through Volunteer park and took a quick break there before heading to the nearby Volunteer Park Conservatory. It was filled with tons of beautiful flowers and plants. I can't imagine how awesome it must be in the spring.


Then it was about time for lunch so we took a short walked to Volunteer Park Cafe. It was a cute little place and was pretty busy. I had the chicken salad sandwich and Eric had the herb roasted chicken arugula mozzarella panini. Both were yummy and just the right amount.

Next we walked to the bus stop and took a couple of buses to get to the Space Needle. You didn't think we could visit Seattle without doing that right? And what is better than 1 trip up... 2 trips up! We went ahead and bought the twice in a day pass for just a few bucks more so we could visit again that night.

We easily spotted the apartments we were staying at to the north of the space needle.

Great 360 degree views. We were so thankful for a clear day.

After taking it all in and looking around at the rest of the outdoor Space Needle area on ground level, we decided to walk back to the apartment. It was not far but it was uphill the whole way. We stopped part way to get a shot of the Gates Foundation.

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and got ready for dinner.  During my research seeing that Little Water Cantina was voted Best Neighborhood Restaurant and Best Place for Outdoor Dining it was an easy decision especially since we love mexican. We took a couple of buses to get to an area above Capitol Hill called Eastlake where the restaurant was.

All the food was wonderful but they had the best guacamole we've ever had at a restaurant. And we have sure tasted a lot of guacs. Yep those are green onions on top... may just have to add those next time I make some. The homemade chips were different than any we had ever tasted too. They were crispy and light but sturdy and nothing like tortilla chips. They somehow tasted a little like the leftover pie crust my mom use to bake during the holidays for us to snack on. Whatever it is they do, they were amazing!

Then we were off to the Space Needle again for our night visit.

Different but equally great view and feeling at night.

We are a little bit bright in this picture but I still like it to show it was pretty windy and chilly up there at night.

The next morning we flew back to Charlottle so this concludes our wonderful extended Labor Day weekend trip! We successfully avoided all Democratic Nat'l Convention craziness. Hope you enjoyed reading and that this helps anyone planning a trip to Seattle (with a day trip to Vancouver)!

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