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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to make easy cloth napkins

This is a great project for someone just starting to sew or anyone wanting a simple sewing project. The sewing is not hard and the only hard part is the time consuming ironing. Not kidding on the ironing.

How to make easy cloth napkins

You need:
cotton fabric - amount depending on how many napkins and size (read step 1)
usual sewing tools: scissors, ruler, pins

Here are the steps to complete a napkin. Repeat each step for however many napkins you are making.

Step 1: Cut your fabric for your napkins accounting for seam allowance of 3/4 inch on all 4 sides. I cut my fabric 14 inches by 14 inches so the finished napkin would be 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches. I think napkins that are much smaller than that are not really very useful but you can go bigger if you want.

Step 2: Time for ironing. With the wrong side facing up, fold back 3/4 inch on each side and iron well. Then turn the raw edge of the 3/4 inch under 1/4 inch so you are left with 1/2 inch and no raw edges. This is easier than doing the 1/4 and then the 1/2 because you can be more precise with your first fold and it stays in place a little better (tip from my mama).

3/4 inch

then turning the 3/4 in by 1/4 to get your 1/2 inch

Step 3: Pin in place. I pin each side after I am done ironing before moving onto the next side to better hold it all in place.

Step 4: Now you get to use the sewing machine! Sew each side with a straight stitch along where you have it turned under twice so it catches all the layers... so more than 1/4 inch from the edge but less than 1/2 inch. It doesn't have to be perfectly exact on each side... no one will be scrutinizing your napkins or if so maybe you need some new friends :)  Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each side.

pardon the lighting.. I was sewing at night

Step 5: Cut all your stray threads and you now have completed napkins to enjoy!

Make some for every season! I haven't made these in other fabrics besides cotton which is usually most affordable but I'm sure linen and outdoor fabric as well as some others would work too... just ask the people at your fabric store.

A set of napkins would be a great holiday gift or hostess gift along with some baked goodies or wine. And you are reducing paper waste too! And after using the cloth napkins you can have some fun playing Mr. Napkin Head. That part of the The Holiday cracks me up every time.


Hope this helps you make some great easy napkins!

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