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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clemson Family Weekend

At the beginning of October my parents came to visit and we went down to Clemson for the Ga Tech game for what has now become an annual tradition of having both our families go to a game. Hopefully Keith and Megan can come next year.

We stayed at the usual condo we rent right near the interstate in Anderson. On Friday afternoon we walked around downtown for just a little bit because I wasn't feeling super awesome. I had come down with a cold 2 days before. Perfect timing I know. And to top it off I forgot my camera. I was not happy about this because yall know how I am about my camera and taking pictures but luckily we got Eric's parents to bring their point and shoot so I could still get some pictures.

This is the jacket getting smashed. I love when they paint the store windows downtown.

We arrived at the tailgate around 9am. We always tailgate at Strom Thurmond for my Clemson reunion weekend so we have done that for family weekend too. Our niece, Abby, was a ball of energy at the tailgate and that's an understatement Apparently she woke up Mimi and Papaw at 5am saying "aren't we going to Clemson today?". She was super pumped just like last year.

Abby also drew a picture for me and spelled my name "Emule". Pretty funny. In all seriousness I know it's kind of a thing (definitely not my kind of thing) to spell kids names different than the traditional way so it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere out there someone named their baby girl Emily but spelled it like that. Sorry Emule, blame your too trendy parents.

Other than getting a few photos I mainly just relaxed (due to aforementioned cold) in the nice weather in the shade. We did breakfast food (pumpkin bread, fruit, ham biscuits) and later lunch food (chips and veggies with dip, pasta salad, turkey wraps, brownies) since it was a 3:30 game.

It actually got fairly warm in the game but not unbearable like some of those September games especially with the clouds. As far as the upper deck goes, our seats were great. Not too far up and on the 45 yard line.

And Abby lasted until halftime which was impressive since she refused to nap. Last year she only made it through the first quarter barely before she was ready to do something else. Maybe next year she will be able to last the whole game.

We had a great time especially with a Tiger win!

We were so glad my parents were able to come up to visit and they were also able to see our new lot since we had just signed the contract to build. Can't wait for the 3rd annual family Clemson game!

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