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Thursday, August 22, 2013

House Tour

The house tour I promised is here! The post you have been up all day and night waiting for! I took these pictures right after we closed but before we moved anything in. Well to be honest we had already moved a few things into some of the closets and storage space. I wanted to share the new house with you and have a set of "before" pictures to compare to as we decorate, paint, etc.

It might be helpful to first read The House List and the Floor Plan if you haven't already. The floor plan post will definitely help you orient yourself for this post. Fair warning that there are going to be a lot of pictures :)

The front - grass is doing alright so far thanks to tons of rain and a mild summer. I actually took this picture recently since it showed the blinds Eric put up a couple weeks after we closed.

One thing I'm pumped about is all the big rocks. These were found on our lot when they did the foundation and there are still some in the woods out back and around in the pine straw areas. I had them make me us a nice grouping of rocks near one of the front trees. I call these my picture rocks since I think they will be great for future family pictures.

Entrance hallway - first one was from one of the walk-throughs hence all the blue tape (there are a few pics throughout that I guess I forgot to take again after we closed so they also have blue tape in them whoops) and the second one is from after closing but looking back at the front door

Dining room (to the left of the front door)

Downstairs bedroom (to the right of the front door)

Downstairs hallway bathroom

Family Room


Family Room and Kitchen together since really it's one big open area. This is what sold me on this house and floor plan. I love the big open space and all the counter top space and luckily this is really where we spend a ton of time!

Breakfast Area and a peak at the back porch

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

"Mudroom" area

Laundry Room



Eric's office. It's gonna get code crazy up in here.


Hall Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom - tub/shower is to the left of the toilet but not in the photo

Game Room

Back down the stairs

Back Porch

So there ya have it... that's the basic tour. I know I didn't include the yard so I'll have to save that for another post perhaps whenever we decide to do something new to the yard. Right now it's just grass, pine straw and builder grade small bushes. Oh and the lovely trees that were already there! Love love love looking out at lots of trees in our yard.

The next house post will be about how we picked a paint color for the main living area (lemme tell ya it was no simple task) and updated pictures with the new paint on the walls.

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