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Friday, August 16, 2013


We have had a lot of fun happenings and events going on this summer and I since lately our adventures posts are dedicated catching up on our Europe trip, I wanted to get this out there before the summer was over. Some of these are from my phone and some are from my DSLR.

Annual Kiawah beach trip


Half priced wine and NKOTB 98 Degrees Boyz II Men concert in Uptown with a few girls

Carowinds with Eric's family and all the nieces and nephew

Fiesta at our house with my parents and and Keith and Megan and Emily Milhous

Lunch with my parents, Eric's mom and Abby with a quick stop in Marshalls

More of my parent's visit: 4th of July dinner at the Kickstand


We had a fun blate (blog date) with Casey from Classic with a Pop and her husband also named Eric at one of my favorite restaurants, 300 East. We were so wrapped up in conversation neither of us took any pictures, oops.

Wedding shower for my friend/coworker Elisabeth

Chicago trip that I'll do a whole post on later

Riverjam at the USNWC to see Brooke's cousin's band, Paperbird


Food truck Friday with friends

Susan's nursing school graduation party

More Riverjam at the USNWC with friends to see Red Wanting Blue

Despite some odd summer weather (a lot of rain and not as hot as normal temps) we have also been enjoying dinners with friends, grilling, meeting new neighbors and a couple of trips to the neighborhood pool. I love there are always tons of things to do in this city like concerts at the whitewater center and food truck friday. I'm not ready for summer to end so I'm trying to soak up every last bit of it I can!

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