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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Comfortable Stylish Flat Boots

It's about time that I blogged about my favorite pair of boots, Born Sage boots. I got my first pair of these over two years ago after ordering a boatload of boots from zappos and returning all of them but these. They are comfortable the second you put them on and need no breaking in... I mean it when I say I've worn them walking around for the entire day and they never hurt. They are real leather, have a sturdy sole and great support.

I own 3 pairs of this boot. Yes, you read that right, 3 pairs. One in tan which is more of a brown/tan, one in medium brown and one in a charcoal gray. Every time I wear them I get compliments on them. The buttons on the side really make the boot. I am a thrifty person but these boots were worth every penny and then some. I believe in buying shoes that will last and don't mind paying more for that (unless it is a trend you think will fade quickly).

born sage-born sage vintage boots

Good new for you is that these are on sale! If they do not have your size online I would recommend writing down the item number and calling Dillard's to see if they have it at your local store or have them shipped to you from a store that does have them (the associate can look it up in their system). I did this with my tan pair and they shipped them from a store in another state and they arrived 3 days later. Of course if they didn't fit or whatever you could return them to your local Dillard's if you don't want to pay return shipping. Dillard's stores have had the tan and black in stock.

These boots look great with everything! They run pretty true to size. I usually wear a 6 or 6 1/2 in shoes and I wear a 6 in these. I also have a narrow foot so that is why. I love that these do not have as tall of a boot shaft as some other riding boots so it still looks great if you are short.

If this isn't enough convincing to get these boots, my SIL has seen me wear these for awhile and even all over Europe for two weeks last summer and decided to get herself a tan pair and she loves them too!

Here are some photos of me in the boots

Here are a few other similar boots. All of these seem great for casual outfits or dressier outfits. I could wear any of them to work.

Børn-born terri boots
Born Terri also on sale and in tan and black

Børn-born born cheyenne boot
Born Cheyenne if you are looking for a slight heel

Børn-born lizzie black full grain footwear
Born Lizzie fun nail head detail, in brown and black

sam edelman penny-sam edelman penny boot

Sam Edelman Penny my coworker has these and they are comfortable and even cuter in person, comes in brown and black. Occasionally they go on sale even more so keep checking on that if you like these.

If you don't own any flat riding boots I'd say start with a brown or tan pair because I think it is the most versatile (remember brown boots with black jeans or leggings are really in style!) and then add in a black or gray pair.

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