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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Family Room colors and Modern Yardage to the rescue

When we moved into our new house I decided on a color palette for our open family room and kitchen and breakfast area. We did light gray paint on the walls and I wanted accents of teal / turquoise, coral and cobalt / royal blue.  The problem was I could not find fabric with all 3 colors in it if my life depended on it. And I looked everywhere... in a bunch of different fabric stores and online and I had my mom look for me in FL too. It is slightly tricky these colors have multiple possible names too... in some cases the same shade can be called teal or turquoise or aqua.

Then my mom suggested I email Modern Yardage which had just recently started popping up in different blogs with giveaways and such. They had really vibrant and fun fabrics on their website but just not in the colors I was looking for so I emailed to see if they would take requests. I heard back really quickly from one of the designers saying that yes they could work with me and she told me to pick out some prints that I liked.

I picked out 3 different prints from 3 different lovely designers (Heather Dutton, Katie Schrader and Cindy Lindgren). Then we all had a few emails back and forth where I told them about my color scheme and explained where I wanted which colors in the fabric designs. I had Sherwin Williams paint chips that I was going by for my vision and they went and picked up the same paint chips so they could all collectively pick fabric colors that were the closest to the paint chips. How awesome is that! They had swatches made and mailed them (along with sweet personal cards) to me ensure it was what I wanted before putting the fabrics on the website for purchase.

The 3 fabrics are called Take Flight in Aqua (the arrow like one), Bog Stars in Coral (the diamond like one) and Dance in Coral (the flower one). My mom was a big help in picking fabrics that would complement each other and then I decided on where the colors should be. I decided to have two of the fabrics have all 3 of my colors and one fabric just have 2. They all turned out fabulous!

I honestly cannot say enough great things about Modern Yardage and the designers. They changed fabric design colors just for me at no extra cost. Their fabric is very reasonable at $10.99 a yard, high quality, pre-shrunk and slightly heavier than traditional quilting weight fabric. They also put fun tips and info and stuff on the sides of the fabric (all fabric is 44 in wide but printed on 58 in wide fabric). I would not hesitate to buy more fabric there. I did notice they recently added a section to their website mentioning altering designs they already offer (so the process I went through) under Custom Fabric Designs.

I started off by ordering a yard of each thinking about pillows and such although I haven't started on anything just yet. And I think I will be ordering more of the Take Flight to make two decorative curtain panels for the family room.

These colors looks great with the teal chairs in the family room from World Market. This teal is a few shades darker than the teal on the paint chip/fabrics which is good... don't want to be too matchy matchy :)  I definitely want to eventually incorporate a painted piece of furniture or two in the color scheme too... thinking something painted that coral shade.

It seriously baffled me that I could not find these colors together in a fabric because I think they look fantastic together. Maybe I'm just completely ahead of the next big color combination :)  It even translates into fashion and I like wearing two or three of these colors together.

I compiled some affordable options below. For example you could wear this dress OR this top with jeans with the cardigan and earrings.

turquoise dress-cheers to you dress in turquoise   turquoise-factory layering crewneck tee Old Navy-womens the diva distressed skinny jeans
 coral cardigan-jackie cardigan cobalt earrings-kendra scott pearcut chandelier earrings cobalt

Or you could wear these jeans with the top, the cardigan and that necklace and bracelet. Super cute right?

coral jeans-678 zipper ankle skinny jean     gray top-sooner or layer top     royal blue cardigan-charter school cardigan in royal blue   
aqua necklace-forever 21 sweet talk bib coral aqua bracelet-fornash gecko bangle oprahs o list item

I hope to start soon on some of the pillows and order fabric for the curtains but I'm definitely going to wait to tackle those until I have the help of my mom as I've never made curtains before. Keep an eye out for combining turquoise, coral and cobalt into awesome decor or even an outfit!


  1. how awesome! i love that they did that for you. I will take a look at the website because I bought curtains for our bedroom at target, but i'm still not in love.

    1. I was honestly so surprised when they got back to me so quickly and had no problem changing the colors... I wouldn't have all that time looking at stores and would have gone straight to them haha.

  2. It was great working with you on the project. I think the Modern Yardage company and it's artists have great capacity to bring unique projects to life like yours. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

  3. Wonderful! All three prints you choose look great together. I can't wait to see how your projects turn out.

    1. Thanks Katie! Me too, even though they are all completely different I LOVE them together!

  4. Emily, those are great fabrics and beautiful colors! I am definitely going to go check out Modern Yardage. I saw in your previous paint post that you used Sherwin Williams Front Porch in your home. I'd love to feature your living room on my paint color blog, Involving Color. You wouldn't have to do a thing, just let me know if you're interested!


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