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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dining Room Progress: Wine bottle chandelier

I have big plans for this dining room.... a rustic chic style. The first step towards that was a new light fixture. I had my sights set on a glass bottle chandelier after seeing one on HGTV's The High Low Project but let me tell you it was not easy finding one that was affordable but after much searching I spotted one on Amazon for what I considered a reasonable price for a statement piece. You can see it is about a third of the price of the Anthropologie soda bottle chandelier. It has silver colored metal instead of oil rubbed bronze/copper metal like its more expensive counterparts and doesn't have the glass ball at the bottom but that was okay with me. I just can't justify spending thousands of dollars on a light fixture.

Below is the before/after photo from The High Low Project starting my quest for a glass bottle chandelier.

 Once the chandelier arrived from Amazon in a very beaten up box we discovered that 3 of the wine bottles were broken. Thank you UPS. So we submitted the issue and were sent a replacement and they paid for us to ship the broken one back of course. We then took down our current chandelier and put together the new chandelier minus putting the glass bottles on it. Once we had it hung how we wanted it (we didn't need all the chain it came with) and confirmed the fixture box was secured to a stud (thank goodness for all the construction photos we took), we added the 40 wine bottles feeling confident it wouldn't come crashing down. Note that these wine bottles are a tad smaller than a normal wine bottle although if you had a way to make your own frame and use regular wine bottles that would be a great DIY option.

It has been up for about two months now and we love it. We did have a bit of trial and error with the lightbulbs as the online description said one type of bulb (which did not work) and then a sticker on the metal where the lightbulb is screwed in said a different type of bulb (which ended up working). At the beginning of this year Eric and my dad installed a dimmer switch in the dining room and in our kitchen for the recessed lights. I wish I had dimmer switches in almost every room, they are fabulous! Our dining room gets a lot of natural light during the day so if we were using it then I would want the light to be on low.

I plan to sell our practically new chandelier that came in the dining room when the house was built which retails at over $400. If anyone local is interested in getting a great deal on a really nice brushed nickel 9 light fixture, let me know.

Next up for this room is a sideboard (recently purchased - post coming soon), new paint... thinking a medium gray, and eventually a farmhouse table and different chairs. Oh and maybe some curtains and/or a rug... not sure about that yet though. I really can't wait to get rid of the builder beige in there though!

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  1. Your dining room looks great - quite the transformation! I love the wine bottle chandelier. It's different and eclectic, perfect for the dining room!


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