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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Recent Thrifty Finds

I try to visit our Habitat ReStore every few months (wish I went more frequently actually) just to see what they have in the way of furniture, etc. and I always look at the books because our store has a great selection of books. The last time I was in there I saw this cookbook which I had on my wish list for awhile after seeing Pioneer Woman praise it. I was honestly surprised to see it in the ReStore and snatched it up in a hurry for less than $5. And not I cannot wait to have friends over for dinner and make something from this book.

During waaaay after Christmas shopping, like basically New Year's shopping with my mom I found this snowflake burlap table runner in HomeGoods on clearance that would be great for Christmas and/or the winter season. I could make something like this fairly easily but not for $4.

I have been wanting a polka dot sweater and I happened upon one on a recent trip to the outlet mall at Banana Republic Outlet. It was marked down to $55 but the whole store was 50% off, score!

I also found an orange long-sleeved top... my current one was starting to look sort of worn out. This isn't as Clemson orange as the photo/computer makes it look but it will work, especially for $12 and then 50% off.. yes that's right a $6 shirt!

I've been painting my nails more frequently now that I figured out how to make them last at least a week without chipping (I'll post about that at some point). I bought some nail polish recently at Marshall's and TJMaxx to expand my collection because they sell OPI and Essie and Sephora brands for $2.99-$4.99 instead of the $8-$9 (but selection is limited so I just make a habit of looking whenever I am there) these are in stores so you can get a nicer quality nail polish for the same cost of a cheaper brand.

Have any of you savvy shoppers found anything super thrifty lately?


  1. Oh, nice! And Banana Republic tops last forever; I've been into their Heritage collection lately.

    A couple weeks ago I finally signed up for a reciprocal borrowing account with the library system close to my office. They basically have the Cadillac of collections, so it's felt super gratifying to go in after work and check out whatever looks interesting.

  2. Just found your blog! So excited because our family loves North Carolina (we have family in Cornelius!). Can't wait until you post about how to keep nail polish from chipping! Stacey


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