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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter & Valentines Mantle

After Christmas when all those decorations are put away, everything feels so bare. I especially miss the twinkling tree and garland lights for a few weeks after. It is hard to figure out what to use to decorate for winter plus then there is also Valentine's Day thrown in there before you get to Spring decor. It would be so much easier if it was just Spring after Christmas!

As I mentioned when I shared my Christmas mantle, I decided to leave out the wooden deer as winter decor. I snatched up these mercury glass candle sticks on Christmas clearance from World Market even though they aren't really Christmas specific... they would work for any season honestly. I picked up turquoise candles to go on top at HomeGoods. I'm sure I'll leave these out into Spring and Summer perhaps as they are the accent colors I want for our family room.

at night
The coral LOVE block is what I added for a Valentine's touch. I haven't decided if it will stay up past February or not but since it's coral instead of straight up pink or red I feel it has that possibility if I want. It is from Pick Your Plum. It was advertised as a "wooden block" but is more like MDF or heavy cardboard. It actually arrived damaged (which I was able to cover up with the coral craft paint fairly well) so I got a refund on it which is great since I don't think I would have bought it if I had known it wasn't actually wood as advertised.

late afternoon

Of course the heart pillow I'm very proud of made an appearance at the end of January and will stay out through the end of February as well as the Love pillow and frame (made by my mom). I keep it pretty simple as far as Valentine's Day decor goes.

Once March gets here, I can't wait to start figuring out some Spring decor! Ready for winter to be over!

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