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Monday, March 24, 2014

30th birthday gift idea

30 Gifts for Turning 30

My SIL turned the big 3-0 in the fall and I realized that I never shared this awesome 30th birthday gift idea that I did. I gave her 30 different gifts to open. Most of these were small affordable gifts and I utilized the Target dollar spot a bunch but there were a few more expensive gifts like the thirty-one bag and the platter and bowl set and a few $5-$10 gifts like the book and the tea towel. I wanted to have this kind of variety since 30 $1 items doesn't seem as thoughtful.

Here is a list of all the gifts I included and the note I wrote on each tag. Of course you would have to change some of this to fit the birthday girl or guy or perhaps the month/season of their birthday (e.g. the scarecrow is used since she has a fall birthday). An easy place to start is hobbies, teams/sports, activities and food the person enjoys.The key to making this even more fun and thoughtful is to include some inside jokes or personal things that you share with the person through gifts you pick and/or in the notes that accompany them. Note: the photo gifts and the earrings are not pictured above.

The 30 gifts
1. card: for turning 30
2. orbit gum: for a dirty mouth
3. candy: when you need something sweet
4. picture of our niece: when you need something sassy
5. bottle of wine: for after a long day (or even a short day)
6. picture of the 4 of us in Prague: for your adventurous side… and to many many more
7. purple sharpie: for a permanent honey-do list
8. pirate socks: for a pirats girl (inside joke)
9. pack of stationary: for passing notes
10. hand soap: for a germophobe
11. hand sanitizer: for a germophobe on the go
12. pack of travel size tissues: for your sinus challenged side
13. nail polish: to keep your uffizi's in tip top shape (the Uffizi reference is a Rick Steve’s joke from his Florence Italy materials)
14. roll of ribbon: for your wrapping side
15. recipe card with a recipe on it: when you want to cook
16. pack of fun colored baking cups: when you want to bake
17. chevron dish set – platter and bowl in orange and purple: for a clemson fan
18. Christmas tea towel: for the love of Christmas
19. mini altoid mints: because mini is just adorable
20. gummy bears: for your side that enjoys great tips from your SIL :) (from our time in Vienna)
21. silly putty: to make you feel young
22. advil: to make you feel old
23. book: for your reading side
24. cough drops: when you need a good laugh… make sure to make the sound (inside joke)
25. earrings: a little ear candy
26. picture of her with Eric and Keith: for living among twintuition
27. scarecrow: for your decorating side
28. purple tea lights: to let your light shine through
29. doctor kit: for your nurse side (she is a CRNA so this loosely fits)
30. basket: to hold all your stuff on the go

Here are a few close ups of some of the gifts. I made the scalloped tags using cardstock and my Silhouette machine.

This platter set is from Coton Colors. I actually bought this for Megan (and a similar one for myself) around the holidays the year before and had stashed it away for her birthday the next fall.

The organizing bag is from thirty-one. Megan loves all things purple and this was one of their brand new patterns. It was great to have a gift item that all the other gift items could fit in.

I wrapped them all in brown paper (except the pictures and recipe card were put into envelopes and of course her card was in an envelope too) and tied on the tags with purple skinny ribbon. And I loaded them up into the bag and compartments and zipped it shut.

She had a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Columbia, Saluda's, and opened her 30 gifts for turning 30! Some of them definitely made her laugh. 

This was a really fun project to do for someone having a big birthday that you share a lot of memories and adventures with!


  1. That is such a cool and thoughtful gift idea! My husband is turning 30 in a couple months...I might have to think of some sort of 30-things along these lines...

  2. A enjoyable way to "wrap" odd formed birthday presents!

  3. A fun option to "wrap" odd formed birthday gifts!


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