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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My nail polish routine

I used to rarely paint my nails (or have my nails painted). Having my nails painted was seriously only for special occasions like when I got engaged, got married and maybe for a vacation. If I ever did paint them myself another time they only lasted a couple of days before chipping or peeling and that didn't make it worth it to me.

I did paint my toenails frequently and my SIL recently introduced me to a top coat that was wonderful so I decided to try out painting my finger nails again. I read up some tips from other bloggers and did a bit of trial and error myself and this is what I have found that works best (I am no nail expert so if anyone else has tips those are more than welcome). The polish lasts and nails look great for at least a week... a few times it has even looked good for 10 days!

1. Cuticle cream - once or twice a week I use this cuticle cream. It smells wonderful and you can also find it at Walmart or Target.

2. When I paint my nails, I do it in the evening after I have showered and brushed my teeth, flossed, etc. etc. (done anything that might mess my nails up). Then I have an entire night of sleep where my nails are resting too before using them :)

3. First I use a base coat. I make sure to let that set and dry for 20 minutes. (I do all of this just while watching tv so it doesn't seem like a lengthy process)

4. Next I do two coats of nail polish. As I mentioned I recently added to my collection of nail polish by buying the more expensive brands at Marshalls/TJMaxx where they are marked down to $5 or less. My go to brand from Walmart or Target is Revlon Colorstay - $5, many colors to pick from and as the name suggests they do a great job of staying on. I make sure to wait 10-15 minutes after the first coat and after the 2nd coat.

I have both of these two colors and love them!

5. Then finally I do a top coat. This Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat is what my SIL told me about and is the best top coat I've ever used. Although I have read a few bloggers mentioning a top coat from Ulta called Seche Ultra V so I may try that out at some point.

 Sounds like a lot but it's really not if you just do this as you are watching tv and having it last a week or more makes it worth it to me so I paint my nails now much more frequently. Hope these tips help you out!

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  1. Thanks for this great post! I love Burts Bees and Sally Hansen products. I need to try that top coat, a good top coat can make such a difference!


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