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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Round pedestal table redo

I am excited to share a furniture redo with y'all since I haven't done one in awhile. I took a scratched and beat up Craigslist table and turned it into the perfect kitchen table.

Early last year when we already knew the floor plan of our new house and that we would have a breakfast area in the kitchen, I began stalking Craigslist for a round pedestal table. I wanted it to be solid wood and have a leaf. Fortunately this was one of the shortest amounts of time I've hunted on Craigslist for something... in just a few weeks I spotted this ad and it meet both my criteria.

I contacted the seller and we drove to Rock Hill one day after work and grabbed it for just $60. If I had to guess I'd say the wood is oak.

Then it sat for awhile in our garage while we were selling our first house. When we moved to our new home, we set it up in the kitchen and just used it as is for awhile so we could have a kitchen table. Although we didn't have any chairs so we used folding chairs. Super classy I know.

In the fall we sanded it down with a palm sander using two different grits and wiped it down really well.

I hadn't decided yet what color I wanted to stain it or if I might paint it so I decided we should bring it back inside and use it for awhile while I made up my mind. Well after a few weeks and showing it to a few people, I kept saying how much I really liked it in it's natural or raw wood state. I was surprised because normally I like a medium or dark stain and it never crossed my mind to leave it natural looking but there was just something about the way it went so well with the dark wood floors and the white cabinets.

Here it is when we had a Clemson Bowl Game party at the beginning of January. Yep, totally digging the chairs ;)

And a better photo of it just in it's sanded form.

Well of course life got in the way over the holidays and such but finally a few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon putting on two coats of Minwax polycryllic (with fine sanding in between) to seal it and make it easy to wipe down. Before doing this, any time we used it we had to be really careful not to place anything that could leave a water ring or something. Polycryllic is key to sealing your furniture pieces and is non-yellowing whether you use paint or stain or nothing and I've seen it in choices of satin or glossy. I used satin. I also used the same thing on my Goodwill Dresser redo which I painted.

I am so happy with the after!

I didn't take any photos of the table leaf but applied the same redo process to it.

I also was stalking Craigslist for practically a year for 6 chairs for the table (started looking for these at the same time as the table) which I wanted to be all wood and not too big. Most of the time we would use four but I wanted two extras for whenever we used the leaf plus it never hurts to have a couple extra chairs around. After not finding what I was looking for (most had that wide fanned back with vertical rungs or were dining room chairs), I finally gave in and purchased some Threshold Dining Chairs from Target. They have a low back and are not large which is nice so there is no obstructing the view out the glass sliding door and they do not feel bulky yet they are solid wood.

I am very satisfied with the purchase and by ordering them during a sale they were only $38 per chair... not too bad. These will not be staying the same and keeping their dark wood stain... I have big plans for these in the future!

I really enjoy furniture redo's and seeing the before/after. Have you redone any furniture lately? This project has me excited to redo more.

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