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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The DIY play kitchen is back

4 years ago I started this blog (actually yesterday 4 years ago to the day!) to write about projects, recipes and adventures we have and a little about myself too. My first blogged project was the DIY Play Kitchen made out of a thrifted nightstand for our niece's 3rd birthday. It was also my the first furniture redo. It is still probably my favorite project and is one of the most visited posts for good reason.

A few weeks ago Eric's parents said that our niece had outgrown the play kitchen and did we want them to sell it at their garage sale or did we want it back. (Side note... I cannot believe she is turning 7 next week!!) YES YES we wanted it back! With all the sweat and love that went into that project I couldn't let it be sold at the garage sale.

Eric picked it up and now it's in our "game room" but will probably go in the storage/attic soon. I have to say that for after experiencing 4 years of non-gentle play from our niece and countless friends of hers, it held up well! I'm sure something similar in plastic would not be in the same state. You can tell this kitchen was loved and enjoyed but it just needs a little paint, a new "faucet" and some dowel fixing for the stove burners to be good as new.

I am sure that there will be a little girl in the family or a very close friend that will enjoy this kitchen too and it can be passed on more times. It's basically like a family heirloom now :) Although I wouldn't mind making another one since it's just so cute and fun or even a boy or gender neutral version.

Read the step by step process to make a play kitchen of your own for a kid to enjoy! Thanks to everyone who has been following along with this little blog of mine!

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