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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I Wore: Oversized Top and Mint Jeans

So I was ordering something from Francesca's over 6 months ago (I think it was a scarf) and I added this top to my order to get free shipping. It looked cute on the model and I know it could be hit or miss but since I can do in-store returns I figured why not try it.

Well when I pulled it out of the package I almost laughed at how large it looked. I was certain I was going to look like I was wearing a decorative garbage bag. These oversized tops never seem to look good on "fun-sized" girls. I was shocked that it fit completely different that it looked not on a body and that surprisingly somehow it didn't look like a giant sack. A first in many oversized tops I've tried on. Thank you Francesca's. So all this just to say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a top by how it looks on a hanger/out of the packaging. Because it could just be a great new versatile wardrobe piece!

This was from a fun night with friends at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, dinner, and then watching a hockey game at their apartment pool.

Aztec print oversized top: Francesca's, similar, similar, similar
Mint skinny jeans: Gap Outlet, similarsimilar - both really affordable
Gray keds: Zappos, similarblack
Turquoise earrings: Francesca's, similarsimilarsimilar 30% off
Cognac bag: Target; similar; similar


  1. love your shirt!!! what a cute outfit!

  2. Love the colored jeans! I have a bright blue pair and am surprised how many different tops I can pair with them.


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