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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Family Room Update

You saw our family room empty when it was painted and then a little bit in the Christmas post but there are some exciting changes happening. You may remember the color scheme planned for our open kitchen/family room is teal, cobalt and coral and so far the only items fitting our new color scheme were the 2 dark teal wing chairs. I have been working on pillows (and will do curtains) in the fabrics I shared in that post. But I've been on a search for the past 8 months or so for a rug (more casually) and for a furniture piece (more seriously) for under the tv.

Well first came the rug. I went to the outlet mall with my mom about a month ago. We were mainly shopping for clothes but decided to pop into the TJ Maxx/HomeGoods too real quick. Well low and behold I saw this lovely wool rug that I really liked in a medium gray color with a geometric off-white pattern. I hadn't gotten serious about the rug search yet so I wasn't sure what size we would need but I knew it needed to be big. Well this rug was 9x12 which I wasn't even sure would be big enough so I didn't buy it then and decided to go home and measure the family room area. I did purchase a rug for in front of our kitchen sink. (I bought a small teal rug from Target several months back but it ended up looking a little small so I moved that to the mudroom area entrance). It just happened to be cobalt and geometric (can you tell I like geometric patterns) and the right size. Oh and $15. How could I say no to that? Isn't it pretty?

Anyway fast forward to when I got home. I did some measuring and it turns out 9x12 was actually the perfect size for the family room rug! I didn't want the rug sticking out in the pathway in front of the teal chairs and I wanted most of the furniture completely under the rug just like the rule of thumb decor measurements suggest. Definitely check this out, our rug in our first home just had the front legs of furniture on it and I promise it makes a big difference if you can do it.

So I called up the HomeGoods and had them put it on hold for me and we went back up there with my dad's SUV and picked it up. It was $499 which is an amazing deal for a large wool rug but I also asked for a discount since there was a small picked spot (which ended up under furniture anyway) so I got it for about $470. Hey, asking paid off! Once we arrived back at the house my sweet husband had already moved all the furniture out of the way and we laid out the rug.

I gave it a good vacuuming and we put the furniture back. So far we really love it. Since it's wool it does shed so I vacuum it at least once a week right now but I've heard it stops shedding after a few months. While I love the look of wood floors, the rug really warms things up and now it's hard to imagine not having a rug in there.

Then only a couple weeks later, I was browsing craigslist like I do every couple days and saw an ad for a cobalt credenza. I'd been searching for a long time for a dresser or buffet or something with storage to go under our tv and it needed to be less than 70 inches long but more than 60 and it was 65 and it also couldn't be too deep since we have that leather chair in the corner. I honestly didn't care what color it was since I had planned to paint it or something as long as it was solid wood but when I saw this and it was already the right color for our room it was meant to be! The price was perfect too at $275 and it's made by Hooker, a really great brand.

It has plenty of storage and is a pop of fun color in the room. Can't wait to share more family room updates soon!

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