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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Got the GOODS? The HomeGoods App

I am definitely a big HomeGoods fan (as well as Marshall's and TJMaxx) and shop there often. I mean I just showed off my new HomeGoods rug in a post.  I feel super lucky to have 5 HomeGoods stores all within about 30 minutes (love ya Charlotte!) so there is a lot to choose from and stopping in one of the stores is always a no-brainer.

Sometime back I signed up for HomeGoods emails. There wasn't anything special about them until I got an email a couple weeks ago mentioning the HomeGoods App. Say what? Did yall know there is a HomeGoods App?!?! Well if not I'm about to rock your world.

It's called theGOODS and once you download it and sign up, it is pretty intuitive.

photo source

It shows products in real time from real HomeGoods stores that store employees post photos off. You can add stores based on location. I like to follow all the stores within a couple of hours or so of us reasoning that the items are probably pretty similar even a couple hours away to the items that would be in stores in my area. But you could follow stores from anywhere just for more inspiration.

It has a similar feel and functionality to instagram but instead of following people/users you are following stores.

I've noticed most posts are of the larger items like furniture, rugs, lamps, mirrors and those abstract items like a giant phone booth or metal knight statue (last to photos in the collage below)... you know those few odd large items you sometimes see and wonder who in the world has something like this in their house or the room for it. But I've seen some other small items too like pillows, cookware, lunch boxes, vases and tablecloths. It all depends on what the store decides to post I suppose and hopefully since it is a fairly new app the posts will just continue to increase.

This app will be so helpful to watch out for a particular item in a store near me like a large mirror I've been hunting for to put in our bedroom. Here are some example posts.

You can favorite items by clicking on the heart icon and those items will be displayed in your favorites page. Can you tell I really want a mirrored dresser/chest?

I'm surprised an app like this wasn't started sooner but I'm so glad it's here! It's one of my favorites! If you are a true HomeGoods fan, I'm sure you've whipped out your phone and downloaded the app before even finishing this post. I'm not judging.  :)

Note: I wasn't perked in any way to write this post. There's no denying it, I just really like HomeGoods (I mean who doesn't?)


  1. I've never been to a HomeGoods so I'm super excited one is opening up near me (also in Charlotte) within the next month.

    1. Lacey - what area of Charlotte is the new one going to be in? Just when I figured the Charlotte area couldn't get another HomeGoods it goes and exceeds my expectations!


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