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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kiawah and 5th Anniversary Dinner

Almost every summer we are able to get away for an extended weekend at a beach house that our friend Justin's parents graciously let a bunch of us use. This year was the longest we have been able to stay in recent years and it was wonderful!

We spent a ton of time on the beach relaxing, playing cornhole, reading and going on walks. We cooked dinners together at the house and also went out to a nearby restaurant one night. We played games and went on a very long (unintentionally long to be exact) bike ride to this luxury hotel on the island and back. The weather was perfect. I didn't get a ton of pictures but here are a few from my phone.

These next five our friend Chris took during the very long bike ride. I actually brought along my nice camera and spotted some pretty flowers at the Sanctuary. Who knew that my dance training would come in handy for photography balancing :)

And these are a few good shots I got of the purple flowers.

We went down to the beach on a Saturday and came home on Wednesday. It was really nice to have a 2 day work week and then having our 5th anniversary that Friday. We went out to a fancy dinner at a fairly new restaurant on top of one of the hotels in Uptown.

The food was great but the view was even better!

For anniversary outfit details go here.

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