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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nantahala Cabin Weekend

A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful cabin weekend away with friends in the Nantahala area near Bryson City! Eric and I stopped in Asheville on our way to walk around for a little bit and have dinner. We browsed through a few shops and took in a large drum performance in one of the squares (there are always random street happenings like this in Asheville).

We then drove just a few minutes away from downtown to the river district area to have dinner at The White Duck Taco Shop. It is a la carte tacos and such with indoor and outdoor seating. It reminded me of Tacodeli in Austin. The salsa trio and the tacos were delicious! I couldn't even get a picture of Eric's tacos before he had eaten too much of them. The best one was definitely the fish taco (one of Eric's).

Once we got close to the cabin area we headed straight for the Nantahala Brewery for a few hours to meet up with two of the other couples. It was a a really nice brewery with plenty of space and had a built in stage where a band was playing. Everyone seemed to enjoy the large selection and variety of brews too. After that we headed to the cabin and the other two couples arrived bringing the total to 10 people. The cabin had 3 bedrooms (one of which was this bunk room where we stayed) so there were beds for 8 people but then also a couple of futons in a room with a pool table.

The next morning we went on a hike through part of the Appalachian Trail starting near the Nantahala Outdoor Center. It drizzled most of the steep and narrow hike but at least it wasn't hot.

Then we went back to the brewery for the afternoon. Then we came back to the cabin to relax and start the fire in the fire pit. The cabin also had a hot tub.

That evening we grilled dinner, relaxed by the firepit and had some fun with sparklers and fireworks. Did you know that you can just toss a whole box of sparklers into the fire and it will make the fire turn all kinds of cool colors? Try it!

Later we played our new favorite game for a group, Cards Against Humanity. It's basically a hilarious adult version of Apples to Apples. After playing it once at Kiawah, we immediately ordered it off Amazon so we could have one of our own. Oh and some midnight snacks that Sean and Angie's dog was anxiously awaiting.

The next morning we packed up and headed back to Charlotte. Eric and I made a brief stop in Hickory for lunch at Cafe Gouda (awesome lunch spot that also serves breakfast food for lunch).

It was so nice to have a little getaway to the beautiful NC mountains!

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