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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Super Easy Garland

This is literally the easiest garland you will ever make. I first made this a few years ago for a baby shower and have since learned an even easier way for subsequent showers which I'll show you below.


- cardstock
- circle punch or craft cutting machine (I used my Silhouette but a punch would be just as easy)
- sewing machine and thread

First cut out/punch out however many circles or whatever shape you want for your garland. My circles were 1 1/2 inches. I forgot to take a photo of the giant pile of circles but you can sort of see a few of them in this photo where I made some button cupcake toppers using the same circles (more on the baby shower these are from soon!).

Pull some excess thread through your sewing machine so you have a long string at the beginning end. Start to feed the circles through your sewing machine sewing through the middle of them. I like to space them out just a little so I started to feed in a new circle as soon as the previous circle was fully sew through but you could space them closer or further apart.

The sewing machine is what makes this garland so easy. My machine had absolutely no problem sewing through the cardstock. I'm sure if you made whole bunch of these it might dull your needle some but in that case you can just change out your needle but I've made several and my needle is still fine.

Then just hang your garland! I use scotch tape to hang mine and it works fine and didn't pull off any paint.

Not gonna lie I tried really hard to convince Eric to leave this garland up for awhile in our family room because I really liked it (plus the colors went with the room). He didn't go for it.

If you want to save your garland, take it down slowly wrapping it around a piece of cardboard to keep it untangled. Word to the wise - don't let your husband take down the garland or you may end up with a big tangled mess :)

Note: I used to make the garland by gluing circles to twine which does take a lot longer than sewing but is an option for someone without access to a sewing machine.

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