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Monday, February 23, 2015

2 ingredient mixture to refinish wood furniture

This past weekend I was cleaning and sprucing up a dresser we bought from Craigslist for the nursery and I tried a natural "recipe" to refinish wood furniture. It made some difference on the dresser but its finish wasn't that bad to begin with. Then I decided to try it out on the buffet in our dining room and was super happy with the results! You may remember the buffet/sideboard from here that I bought at a vintage/antique place. So here is how to do this yourself.

3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup white vinegar

Mix together and use a rag to wipe a thin layer on furniture. After about 30 minutes follow up with a dry rag/cloth. Wait a few hours before putting items back on top of your furniture.

Below you can clearly see that I have applied the mixture to the right side but not to the left side of the top. It made a huge impact on this wood furniture piece where the finish had definitely seen some wear and had lots of scratches etc. It really gave it new life!

Since a thin layer of an oil mixture is good for wood, you can repeat this every year if you want to or anytime your wood finish pieces need some sprucing up. Note: I wiped the mixture on the entire piece, not just the top. Not gonna lie, I also did this to two of our end tables in the family room (that are both old hand-me-down pieces from my parents) and made them look years and years newer! It is best at refinishing scratches that aren't too deep.

Now you can go to town refinishing all your wood furniture with 2 simple ingredients you have on hand.

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