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Friday, March 6, 2015

A few organization projects

With some of the late gross winter weather we've had here, it motivated me to organize some things around the house.

First up... my fabric. I have some sewing projects coming up and keeping my fabric in bins and under bed storage containers made it difficult to remember what fabric I even had. We had this hutch in the attic that was in the family room area of our first home half finished. I had repainted the top half but never got around to the bottom half. So I slapped two coats of paint on the bottom to match the top (I wasn't really meticulous about it knowing it would be used as storage) and Eric cleared out the closet in my craft room. He took down the standard wire shelf to make room for the hutch and spackled over it.

Then I filled it up with fabric in the top part organized by type of fabric and by color family. It looks so colorful and it was fun to fold all my fabric and see some of the fabric I had completely forgotten I had - now hopefully that won't happen!

I filled the bottom cabinet section with my jewelry making supplies, beads, my paper cutter and my label maker. To the left of the hutch is bags of old clothes and such that I can use for projects like a pouf. To the right is my cutting mat and behind that are pillow forms and polyfill.

My label maker brings me to my next little organization project. I've had these white IKEA Variera plastic bins for awhile and threw things in our bathroom closet in them but finally decided to truly organize them. I started by cleaning out everything for expired items and then organizing them into groups that make sense for how we would use them.

This is how I organized and labeled the bins using my label maker:

Extras: extra toothpaste, toothbrush heads, lotion, razors and a few items that don't get used too often like hairspray. To the right of this box is extra vitamins so we never run out.
Medicines: cold remedies, allergy stuff, pain relief, etc.
First Aid: bandaids, rubbing alcohol, thermometers, gloves, ace bandages, etc.
Baby: this just has gauze in it right now but I'll fill it with baby-related stuff some of which I have registered for like thermometer, nasal aspirator, infant tylenol
Sun Care: sunscreens and aloe, plus q-tips and cotton balls since they fit nicely in there
Travel: all our travel bottles and travel sized tissues and other travel items like wrinkle spray, regular toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, seabands, etc.

The box next to the Extras has Eric's hair cutting stuff for if I need to give him a haircut and the netipot supplies are on top of it.

The area of the bottom shelf on the left side that has two unlabeled small containers are for nail care and hair stuff like my bun tools and extra hair ties. These are small and easy to see into so I didn't label them. The one with nail stuff is actually a smaller IKEA Variera box.

The top of the closet has sheets and towels for the downstairs and the bottom of the closet has a trash can (this is nice because this closet is opposite my sink area so I can put hair it in when I brush my hair in the mornings and less of it ends up on the floor) and our humidifier and extra tissue boxes. Our little portable heater gets stored in there too when it's not in use. There is still room for something else that might need storing like the humidifier we registered for for munchkin.

I'm really glad I took the time to organize this closet. This way if we need infant tylenol or some cough syrup quickly or in the middle of the night then we don't have to fumble around searching through everything in the closet.

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