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Monday, March 9, 2015

Stork Diaper Bundle

I saw this idea on pinterest but the link only took me to an uploaded photo with no instructions or other details so I decided to figure it out on my own and then hopefully this post will help others that may stumble upon it. What would we do without pinterest?

 Stork Diaper Bundle


- receiving/swaddle blanket (this one is about 40 in by 40 in... made by serging around a piece of flannel)
- white cardstock and a color printer
- diapers - I used 24 size 1 pampers swaddlers
- yarn or twine or ribbon to tie diapers and stork

Find an image of a stork that you like. This is the one I used. I opened it up in the paint tool and used the eraser to erase the bundled part since I was creating the bundle out of diapers. It shortened his beak a little but it still looked completely fine since it starts to be black at that point anyway. Save the image. Print it out on white cardstock and then glue that piece of cardstock to the front of another piece so you have a double-thick piece of cardstock which will make your stork less flimsy. Using scissors, cut around the stork.

Roll up your diapers and secure the roll by tying yarn, twine or ribbon around it.

Fold your receiving blanket into thirds or fourths (hot dog style) depending on how big it is. You want it to be a little bit wider than the length of the rolled up diapers. Tie the ends in a double knot.

Place the rolled diapers into the tied up blanket. It helps to have two people for this so one person can hold the blanket up in shape so it doesn't collapse down as diapers are added by the other person. You can kind of fiddle with it to get the shape you want. Then tie your cardstock stork to the knot at the top again using yarn, twine or ribbon.

And your stork diaper bundle is complete! I liked putting it up on a cake stand for a nice centerpiece look.

I would also suggest not using newborn sized diapers so the new mom doesn't have to take it apart and undo the diapers right away if she doesn't want to. I think this is a great alternative to a diaper cake since it is less involved but is still a great decoration at a baby shower and useful to the new parents!

Get the full details from this Cute as a Button Shower.

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