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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Habitat ReStore Nightstand Redo

You may remember from this post, I have big plans to redo the master bedroom and finding new larger nightstands that better fit the room and the mixed look I wanted was one of the first steps in the redo. I found a small mirrored dresser at HomeGoods for my new nightstand and searched for awhile to find a companion for Eric that would be different but still complementary.

While in the Charlotte Habitat ReStore one day I found a small $180 dresser that was just the right size for a large nightstand and had character to it. I wish I knew more about the history of it other than it is from the 1920's... I love having an almost 100 year old piece of furniture! It honestly didn't look too bad as is but I wanted a painted piece for his nightstand.

Here is a before and after and then I'll walk you through the details of how I refinished it.

I removed the the piece of wood that stuck up on the back of the top and the pulls and sanded it.

I used wood filler for some spots with dings and also to fill in half of the pull holes because I wanted to go with knobs instead of pulls.

My dad was so nice to prime it at their house for me because being prego I didn't want to be around the fumes of primer. There are some old knobs my dad had in the pull holes so that paint doesn't get in there.

A week or so later, I painted it with two coats of Sherwin Williams no-VOC paint (so no fumes or bad stuff and I also wore a mask just to be extra cautious) in the color Alabaster. It's the same color I used on this Goodwill dresser a few years ago and I knew it was a nice white without being too bright of a white or being too cream-colored.

I actually did 3 coats of paint on the top and later a coat of a vinegar/water mixture as a sealer since Eric would be putting books and glasses and such on it frequently. I usually use polycryllic as a top coat but sometimes on white paint it can yellow even though it says it wont so I'm seeing how this natural vinegar/water mixture I read about lasts.

Then I ordered $10 crystal knobs off Amazon (my new nightstand from HomeGoods has crystal knobs so this would help tie the two together) and added them to the nightstand. I think they definitely look more expensive than they are.

Then it was moved into our master bedroom and I added the decor back to the top of it. I'll be honest, it usually has another book or two and a drink glass on top of it in everyday life. You may notice that the walls are a different color than from my last master bedroom post - more on that and hopefully a reveal of other room changes soon!

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