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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Abby's birthday outfit

Our adorable niece Abby turned 4 a couple months ago but we weren't all able to celebrate until a few weeks ago. Like the capris I made for her awhile back, I set out on another sewing adventure to make her a skirt!

I had found the fabrics back in the spring at a huge fabric warehouse here and knew they would be perfect for whatever I decided to make her next. Since my niece is a girly girl a decided on a simple toddler skirt and then I could make or buy some matching tops.

I found a great tutorial here on how to make a simple skirt and it helped me with measurements but I didn't want a double layer skirt especially with her living in Columbia... aka the armpit of the south. So I made it single layer with about 2/3 of the skirt in one fabric and about 1/3 of the skirt in the other.

Her waist is 21 so I cut the fabric 42 inches long and then I wanted the finished skirt to be about 11 inches long (4 of one fabric and 7 of the other) so I added seam allowances to both sides and to where I would be sewing the 2 fabrics together and cut my pieces the appropriate lengths.
First I sewed both fabric together long-ways.

Then I did decorative stitching at the suggestion of my mom and to also hold down the seam allowance on the inside.

Then I sewed the side to each other to make it a circle.

It's starting to look like a real skirt!

Then I did the hemming at the bottom and at the top. For the bottom I did 3/4 and turned that edge under 1/4 for a finished hem of 1/2. For the top I ironed down 1 1/4 and then turned under a 1/4 of that so that would be the casing for the elastic. Remember to leave an opening when you sew the top so that you can slide in your elastic. I mark my opening with pins so I don't forget to leave it open (2nd picture below).

After putting in the elastic you sew your elastic ends together at the desired length and then sew up the opening. I found that to be the hardest part since the skirt is all cinched up at that point so it can be hard to get it flat under your presser foot.

Then you can even out your elastic and you have a finish skirt!!

I used my silhouette heat transfer vinyl to add graphics to a white tee to match. And I also bought her a little pink tank top from target for a different look.

She absolutely loved her gifts

Isn't she just so priceless with her cheesy grin. She must be taking smiling lessons from her uncle Keith :)

Oh and we also got her a new bathing suit. I had the best time picking this out at target.. they were all so cute! This girl seriously love the pool and is doing a great job at learning to swim. (There's that Keith square smile for sure)

So the skirt sewing adventure was even easier than the capris and I had more fun making it since I'm a skirt kinda girl too. AND Abby had a very special 4th birthday celebration. I can't wait to go get some more fun fabric to make her another skirt!!

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  1. impressive! i think you might be able to handle the one-hour apron in under 3 hours now... a step-up from our 6+ hour experience. keep the posts coming!

  2. Cute skirt!

    I also live in North Carolina- what fabric warehouse is in Charlotte? I am always looking for fabric! I am down that way some, but I don't know alot about Charlotte.

    Feel free to stop by our blog and enter our first give-away that ends tonight-

    We are giving away 2 sets of our Crocheted Hair Accessories for little girls!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Hi Melanie! The fabric store is called Mary Jo's Cloth Store. It's right of 85 in Gastonia and they have a website too. It is huge and worth the visit!

  4. Abby really seems to love her skirt! I love it too! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Following your blog now.I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  5. Abby is one lucky little girl to have such a creative, talented, and loving auntie! What a beautiful handmade outfit!

    Emily, thank you so much for being a part of "A Little Birdie Told Me..."!


  6. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Hope to see more from you this coming Saturday.

  7. Thanks for posting this! I found the project on Pinterest and I thought I would try it. I was super easy for this beginner seamstress. I just might start making all my daughter's skirts. I left a link to your blog on mine. I just wanted to say thanks, again! Here is the link to the skirt I made, if you are interested.


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