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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4th of July fun in FL

So you know I am behind in posting when I am just now getting to our trip over 4th of July haha.

We made a long weekend out of the holiday to go visit my parents in FL. I had not been home for a 4th of July since I was a sophomore in college so it was long overdue.

Mom and I did a little sewing here and there and planned out my niece Abby's Clemson dress which you will see many pictures of soon enough. We went to the Rays game to see them play the Cardinals. I love the way you can bring in food and unopened water and not have to spend a fortune on food there. We packed an entire dinner of sandwiches, chips, popcorn, edamame, nuts, and cookies. Eric and my dad walked around before the game to see the actual rays in the tank.

 We learned the rules of Ray's cowbell etiquette. Everyone had a great time!

We went to see Cars 2 and out to eat at their favorite local italian place nearby. Mom and I did some thrifting and shopping too.

We had a 4th of July cookout at the house with Eric and my dad grilling.

Tons of yummy cookout foods! Go here for the potato salad recipe.

My childhood best friend Emily came

And my godmother Peggy was there too. These are 2 of my very favorite people :)

Dad has a huge collection of awesome fireworks that he set off in the driveway. Just like I remember from 4th of July's past, the neighbors all gathered to watch. They know he is serious about the fireworks show.

Mom taught me how to make her chocolate chip cheesecake at my request. I only wish I could have been around to eat the leftovers.

Good times had by all! Gosh I heart this girl!

Wonderful hosts for the long weekend!

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