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Friday, October 21, 2011

Italy Trip Day 11

Count them all up: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9, Day 10

May 14 - Our last day in Rome (and Italy)

On our last day we woke up early and headed to the Trevi Fountain so we could get some pictures without people in them.

Of course we threw coins in. It is said that if you throw in a coin you will one day return to Rome!

Such an amazing structure and romantic location.

Next we were off to the nearby Spanish Steps.

We actually got someone to take a picture of all 4 of us... score!

There was a relentless flower selling man that didn't care if he had already asked several times so we didn't hang around there too long.

Then we took the metro to the 4 churches piazza. There wasn't too much to see there as they were setting up for some event and it was pretty crowded with people.

We travelled back toward the south and stopped by Monument to Vitorio Emanuel II, first king of Italy. There is a statue of him mounting a horse and there is a flame that is always kept burning. I wouldn't want to have that job.

Continuing on our sightseeing morning we walked to Campo de Fiori, a produce, food, and flower market where we purchased extra virgin olive oil to take home. We purposely waited until our last city to do this so we weren't transporting it more than necessary. They had many items like spices and spreads you could taste before purchasing.

By then it was after lunch time and we were starving. Time to take out the book and map to decide where to eat. About time for me to step in with my good sense of direction (thanks Dad for those genes) to navigate us there instead of the 2 lost boys haha.

We decided on Micellanea from the Rick Steves book which had sandwiches, salads, and such. It was not crowded at the time we were there and the food was great. There was different university memorabilia and flags on the walls.

Since we put the Rick Steves book on the table, we got free strawberry wine (as explained in the book). Unfortunately I couldn't have it due to the strawberry part but Megan sure enjoyed it!

We went back to the apartment for a bit since we had been out all day and needed to take our oil olive back anyway. Then what to do? Gelato of course! We took the bus to Gelarmony for the 2nd day in a row, you know the place with over 60 flavors so that was a favorite by all. This time most of us tried fruit flavored gelato. I had peach, mango and pineapple. The peach was the best. It was getting a little hot out at this point as you can tell from our pulled back hair.

That afternoon we decided to walk around the Borghese gardens area and do some relaxing and people watching. This was really nice and peaceful as we had not done a lot of sitting during our time in Rome. There were plenty of people walking around or laying in the sun, especially some love struck teens.

For dinner we went to El Presidente for dinner near the Trevi fountain. It was good standard Italian dishes but still probably my least favorite dinner in Rome. You tend to get pricer places and not quite as great food the closer you are to a touristy attraction too.

One last visit to the Trevi fountain after dinner even though it was now crowded. This has to be one of my favorite spots in Rome!

That concludes our wonderful trip to Italy!! Stay tuned for a post on Day 12- Leaving Italy and lots of Italy Trip Tips!

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  1. Beautiful.. Thanks for Sharing!! We are visiting Italy on 17th April, really excited!


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