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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tiger Paw Muffins

Tiger Paw Muffins

I'm sure many of you have seen those silicon muffin pans for different colleges. Fan Pans!

My sister got me two of them as a gift and they have been great for tailgates, viewing parties,etc. The first time using them we had to do a little experimenting to figure out how much to fill the muffin cups. I like to use the Martha White muffin mix pouches where you just add milk. The muffins taste great and they are a piece of cake to make. The new ones with whole grains are very good. I prefer the blueberry and the apple cinnamon.

We found that 1 pouch is enough for 4 silicon muffin cups. They make awesome looking Clemson Tiger Paws!

A perfect gift for die hard fans :)

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  1. Oh my word, I love them! Haven't see these pans before, but I must get one!!

  2. These are so darn cute. I will pin them on Pinterest for you! That means more followers for you. Thanks for your post. Very cute!

  3. How fun! I used mine for this weekends game too! I haven't made muffins in them though great idea!

  4. Oh my word -- they're absolutely adorable!


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