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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not so square

A side table switcharoo.

You might remember this sitting area of our living room with our 2 armless chairs and a little table that typically houses the name blocks.

We knew the table was temporary as I thought the space needed a round table. More particularly a round pedestal table because then it wouldn't have chunky legs or take up too much space. Too many square shapes with the chairs being square. After over a year of waiting patiently, my mom found us one at a consignment shop and it is dark wood too! I'm much more a fan of dark wood than light wood.

YOUR HELP NEEDED! Next up for this space is a white plate wall above and figuring out the lighting as this area is not well lit.  I tried a table lamp awhile back but it didn't seem bright enough but it was a drum shaped shade so that might make a difference. My next idea is sconces but not sure how they would look on the wall with the plates? What do you think.... sconces? different table lamp? other ideas?? (I am not married to the tree so that may go)

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  1. LOVE those purple chairs! Gorgeous!

  2. I think sconces would be pretty...maybe on either side of the plate you're hanging on the wall? Also, maybe instead of the plant you can try a tall lamp in the corner?

  3. Yeah, I say trade the tree for a lamp :)

  4. Pretty chairs. I love the background on your blog. I would love for you to join my weekly linky party, fri-mon, come strut your stuff.

  5. I vote for a lamp instead of the tree. Its' a really pretty corner. ...I feel silly, but what's a wall plate?

  6. Shiloh, its a collage of plates on the wall. I'm going to do one in white. I have a few examples on my pinterest under wall decor or you can google it. I think they look great!

  7. LOVE the new table... what a find! i say sconces with a dimmer switch. you know, so you can set the mood during the romantic moments of a clemson game. :)


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