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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To told me to: Chambray shirt

If you haven't heard of the blog Pinterest Told Me To, I am telling you to go check it out. I first started reading Sheaffer's blog for the hilarious bachelor show recaps and kept reading for the style advice and sale info she posts.

Well some time ago she convinced me told me to buy a chambray shirt and who was I to argue with her? I began hunting for one with specific criteria.

1. Must be long enough wear with leggings. Meaning covering the crotch and butt because let's be real leggings are not okay to be worn just like pants/jeans.. they are like thicker tights (unless you are wearing them to work out).
2. Light/Medium in color so it could be worn with dark jeans or with my dark jean jacket if desired.
3. Snaps or buttons on the arms so it could be worn at a 3/4 length too (this one was more of nice to have than a must have since I could always just roll up without snaps or buttons to secure it).

After much searching... believe it or not I found THE chambray shirt that met all my criteria at Forever 21. My dad is now cringing remembering all the times he waited in that store with "terrible loud music" when I was in high school. And by "found at Forever 21", I mean I found it there on a mannequin and they refused to let me have that one so I ordered it online.

Chambray shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Born
Turquoise Bubble Necklace and earrings: Groopdealz

I am thrilled with my chambray shirt. I think it will be perfect year round I am already thinking of all the items I own it can be paired with! By the way these Victoria's Secret Daily Leggings by Moda are the most comfortable leggings I have ever owned. They come in several colors and lengths. I'm 5'3 and the short length fits perfectly.

Thanks Pinterest Told Me To for a great wardrobe staple!

Also I recently bought some new eye make-up with the help of my lovely sister in law, thanks Megan! Y'all know how much I love turquoise/teal so check out the eye make-up I wore with the outfit above. Taken with my phone so the quality isn't amazing but you get the idea.

I am loving the turquoise eye-liner by Sephora (I have a purple one too that I haven't tried out yet). I have Urban Decay "Sin" Primer as eyeshadow and my Lots of Lashes Maybelline Mascara in Very Black.

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  1. Emily! SO fun! Thanks so much for mentioning me! :) And listen, that denim shirt is AWESOME! Kinda makes me want a 3rd one!
    Sheaffer :)

  2. you look beautiful in that outfit! the necklace is the icing on the cake :)

  3. I have everything to re-create that look, so you just "pinspired" me, too! It's adorable! Great job!

  4. LOVE chambray shirts!!!! So glad I jumped on the bandwagon this year also! Thanks for linking up with us!


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