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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise: Roatan Honduras

And the journey continues...

On January 3rd, the third port on our trip was Mahogany Bay Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is the largest of the Honduras Bay Islands. In case you hadn't guessed Roatan was known for their mahogany wood... furniture, boat building, etc.

There were some awesome views of the island from the ship and a cool partially sunken pirate looking ship for full Caribbean effect. Too bad there was no Jack Sparrow nearby.

Lots of nice shop and restaurant buildings right at the port when you step off the ship. and the port area was very nice and clean. Carnival was a part of building that up and even built out a small section of beach right by the port just for Carnival guests completely with "flying beach chair" aka sky lift chair over to the beach. We did not partake in that.

Roatan was filled with luscious greenery and wildlift (lots of monkeys). It reminded me a lot of St. Kitts. We schedule a private tour for the 4 of us with Victor Bodden Tours which came recommended on cruise critic. It was only $25 per person.

We asked for a 2-3 hour tour leaving at 9am including a scenic and cultural drive through French Harbor and Sandy Bay (with several photo stops), a drive through West End Village with stops at the scenic overlook and to go see the West Bay beach. We got exactly what we asked for just not an awesome informative guide. She (yeah I don't even remember her name) was very nice and answered questions when you asked them but I felt like on a tour they should be providing information/facts/stories throughout without you having to prod. Perhaps we just got spoiled with Allen in Belize.

Regardless it was a steal of a price and we had a very nice time seeing the island and got some great scenic shots. We also did a tiny bit of local shopping during a pit stop and I bought a gorgeous pair of handmade conch earrings and I bought a frog hand-carved out of Mahogany for Abby... she has a thing for frogs and caterpillars and bugs.

The stop by the beach was nice- the sand was a beautiful white and the water was so clear! If we ever were to return we might do a beach day now that we have already seen the island.

Dad and I climbed to the top of this lighthouse for the great view and of course to take some photos.

It was nice that they tour ended around lunch time and we looked around in port for a bit and then went back on the ship to relax and play cards and then get ready for formal night dinner.

Dinner food picture time! I love when parmesan cheese is baked into fancy little garnishes.


Of course when you are surrounded by water, fish naturally comes to mind.

Or perhaps you are in the mood for a delicious steak. Speaking of steak... I hope my Dad gets some steak on his birthday today!

Besides the molten lava cake, I was really hoping for a cheesecake night and I got one! Luckily unlike Royal Caribbean they could do one without the strawberry sauce all over the cheesecake. This is making me hungry for cheesecake! Cheesecake is probably one of my favorite desserts of all time. Especially my mom's chocolate chip cheesecake... if only she could mail that.

Since it was formal night we took a view photos together by the grand staircase. I just love the way my husband looks in a tie and jacket... anyone else love seeing their hubby all dressed up? Of course all lighting inside a cruise ship is terrible but you do what you can.

Towel animal of the night... a cat... I think.  

Next up is our last port of the cruise... Grand Cayman!

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