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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise: Grand Cayman and Sea Day

The last port on our cruise was Grand Cayman on January 4th. This was another tendering port but we didn't have an excursion planned or had any need to rush over to the island so it was a much better experience than the tender in Belize.

Grand Cayman in the distance

Eric booked a scuba diving excursion (more on that later) but it left around noon so he set off for shore before us. This is actually the boat Eric was on (he's near the entrance in the hat and brown shirt).

 We had a nice leisurely lunch and then ventured over to Grand Cayman. After the big rush to get to shore first thing is over, its a piece of cake to hop on the boat whenever and there's not a line.

Right away we found the mascot of Grand Cayman, giant lizardy creature things. As you can tell I have a knack for knowing animal species.

We spent some time walking around and going in the shops. Mom needed a new watch battery and with all the jewelry stores around that was an easy fix.

Then we took a big van taxi over to a beach area 10 minutes away with hotels and restaurants. I had planned on paying for a chair and umbrella but it was way overpriced for the amount of time we would be there so I just put my towel on the sand instead. My parents sat up at the restaurant which was all outdoor open seating to have drinks while I was 20 feet away on the beach.

Then we had a nice stroll on the beach. I haven't edited these pictures - the water was really that clear, sand white, and sky blue.

I spelled Cayman out using my foot. Not the best job but in a pinch it worked. At least I spelled it right.


We then headed back over to the port area to tender back to the ship. I was able to get a few good shots of the ships while we waited for a boat.

Eric was back on board and we got to hear about scuba diving see all the neat underwater pictures he took.

We got ready for dinner. I don't remember what this was... Eric got it. I honestly think it might have been alligator or some other strange thing. They had one "adventurous" appetizer each night.

 Hands down the best lasagna I've ever tasted.

Can't beat apple pie and ice cream.

Later we checked out the comedy club some - quite hilarious especially when they pick on people in the crowd/ask them questions. And Eric and my dad went to the casino to do some gambling. My dad was teaching him all about the game of craps for his guys trip to Vegas in March.


That night we had a monkey in our bed in our room. PS you can see the fun back my dress had in the mirror. Yes I love teal/turquoise.

The last day, Saturday, was a day at sea to head back to Tampa. We just had a great relaxing day and spent some time on the deck reading and playing games.


Here are a few highlights from dinner that night. I really need to take pictures of the menus next time so I have the names of things.

This looks delicious right about now. Mmmm sweets!

I will saw the last towel "animal" was a bit of a let down. It was a heart. Not that that's not sweet and all but we really prefer the animals so I didn't even take a picture of it.

It was great to have a sea day as the last day to relax before having to go back to the real world of work and other things that keep us busy. Thanks for reading along about our Western Caribbean adventure!

I am happy to answer any questions about the cruise anyone has!


  1. Em, is that the dress you got at Franchesca's? Love the open back!

  2. Em-is that the dress you got at Francesca's? I love the open back-so fun!


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