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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recent Happenings

Our lives have definitely been busy lately with house stuff but we've had time for some fun activities too.

Trip to Greenville to visit our friends Justin and Emily

The Emilys at Coffee Underground

And to see our friends Brooke and Kevin and their adorable 2 year old. She calls ice cream "happy" because she started getting it people's birthdays and it just stuck... it has to be the cutest thing I've ever heard. My future children will only know ice cream as "happy" now. Can't wait for their second kiddo coming in August!

Megan and Emily came to Charlotte for a visit when our husbands/significant others were in Vegas for a Bachelor party. We had a blast shopping, catching up and having delicious wine and food. I guess we were too busy having fun because I only have 1 picture of Megan and I before leaving for dinner.

Weekend in Austin with our friends Vickie and Kelly (and SXSW for Eric). I'll do a whole post on Austin soon.

Annual St. Pattie's Party at the Waddells. This year the food was mexican fiesta. I'm sure the Irish love mexican because who doesn't?! And lots of cornhole playing as well... I think that was an ancient Irish tradition.

These are the Charlotte girls :) Love this picture. And yes there was an incline on the right side... the 3 of us aren't that short in comparison.

Of course whenever I have a camera I am doing some experimenting...

Spring nails from the Apricot Lane opening where I wore this outfit (more on that later).

Well those were some of our recent happenings. Hard to believe it is already April!

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