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Sunday, December 29, 2013

4th annual Gingerbread House Making Party

We had such a busy December this year but couldn't miss doing our annual gingerbread house making party... it is one of my favorite traditions. This year we had to squeeze it into a Sunday evening a couple weeks before Christmas. I only took pictures with my phone this time.

We didn't know this at the time but this was actually the last meal Eric and I had prior to the terrible stomach bug of 2013 that plagued more than two dozen from Eric's family.. so it's not super easy to look at these food photos. I think it might be awhile before making some of these items again... funny how that is. I will say that at the time the food was delicious!

Katie made this really cool "wreath" with cheese, olives, tomatoes and crackers using kale as the base.

We had a really great time hanging out with friends and made some spectacular "houses".

Katie and Kyle opted to do a tree as their house this year. After considerable thought the gingerbread house committee allowed this. It has a beer bottle underneath to hold it, really clever!

You might think this house fell apart but Eric and I made it this way on purpose.Naturally, it has the abominable snowman attacking it leaving a wake of destruction.

Can't wait until the party next year.. the big 5th annual!

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