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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gift Guide for Her

If you are trying to figure out what to buy for that last minute gift for your mom, your sister, your mother in law, your girlfriends, your niece, your wife (assuming any husbands read this blog)... you are in luck!

While you don't have time on your side and you need to act quick Christmas is in 6 days people! here are some great gift ideas for the ladies/women/gals in your life. Or perhaps you are all set on your holiday shopping and you can pin this to save for birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.

Bowls - I love love these bowls and have also given them as gifts. I have 6 of them (in different colors) that I'm currently using as decor but they would also be great for soup, ice cream and holding fresh fruit like lemons. At $5 a piece you really can't beat that PLUS Anthropologie does free gift wrapping. They are sold individually in stores so you could mix up colors or get all in one color.

Scarves - I think I own an embarrassing amount of scarves but I know people with even more scarves than me so a girl can always find room for one more scarf. Especially a fun polka dot one. Although I don't have much red in my wardrobe (all the more reason to buy it right?!), I like the red one.. perfect for the holidays and winter time. Would look wonderful with a gray, black or cream sweater.

If you need to physically shop due to the time crunch I suggest Francesca's or Target.

This target one is pretty and looks cozy. I also recently saw some very similar to this in target but also with metallic strands intertwined.... swoon! It was all I could do to not buy it but I was in warm FL at the time so I resisted. This would go with anything.

Label maker - If you have an organized gal in your life this is perfect! I have it on my wish list this year and I cannot wait to buy fun bins to label and organize all my closets. My friend Katie told me about the I Heart Organizing blog and this is the same label maker she uses.

source - eligible for prime
Recipe books - The holidays always has people thinking about cooking. Here are some cookbooks that I think would be winners. I definitely want to get my hands on the Avocado one... yum!

source - eligible for prime shipping

source - eligible for prime shipping
source -
I actually picked this up recently at Marshalls for around $10 which is another great place to look for cookbooks
Books - If novels might be more her speed then let me recommend a few great books I have read over the past year. Most are chick lit but a few are not. And most seem to be quick shipping... of course if your gift receiver has a kindle then that makes gifting even easier.

On the Island - Tracey Garvis Graves.  Everyone that I know that has read this has enjoyed it. I think I blew through it in 3 days it was so good. If you only pick one book off this list, this is it!

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella.  Laugh out loud funny. Would make a great movie.

Can You Keep a Secret - Sophie Kinsella.  After I read I've Got Your Number I picked up this one and it was funny and lighthearted too. I think I'm definitely a Sophia Kinsella fan.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn.  Finishing this up currently. It's definitely not chick lit... a bit twisted but the mystery/crime solving piece of the story is intriguing

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - Maria Semple.  Okay so I haven't read this yet but I gave it to my sister and she said it was great so I'm going to be reading it in the near future (hint, hint, Laura).

Travel containers - These would make travelling (whether on a plane or just weekend car trips) with your toiletries a breeze. The cheapo ones from Walmart are okay but such a pain if they crack or leak and you constantly have to replace them or double bag them. I plan to get some before my next trip. They come in 2 sizes - 1.25oz and 3oz. Think having both sizes would be handy... 3oz for things like lotion and body wash and 1.25 oz for face wash and creams.

 source - eligible for prime shipping

Colorful skinny belts - I have two of these skinny belts from Target - cobalt blue and orange. I also have a similar one in yellow. They are great pops of color with dresses and target has a huge selection of these in store.

Candles and soaps - If all else fails, I haven't met a girl that doesn't like a great smelling candle and/or soap so pop on over to Bath and Body Works (or Yankee Candle). Here are some smell-worthy scents from BBW, my go-to place for candles and soaps.

Tis the Season, Leaves, Meet Me in Tahiti, Fresh Balsam, Cranberry Pear Bellini, Cinnamon Nut Bread and really anything with Cinnamon in it in my humble opinion.

Any favorite BBW scents? I'm looking forward to stocking up at the next semi-annual sale.

Hope this help you find the perfect gift for her!

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