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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to make a whole box out of a shirt box lid or bottom

Today I'm going to share a little trick with you that my mom taught my sister and I several years ago when we started wrapping lots of gifts ourselves... how to turn half of a shirt box into a whole smaller box.

Ever wished you didn't have to use up whole shirt boxes to wrap smaller items? Ever ended up with one misplaced box top or bottom? Ever ended up with a torn up box top or bottom leaving you with only one usable half? Is it just me or do these tend to rip easily. Well if so this tutorial is for you!

Turn a box lid or bottom into a whole box

In a few easy steps you can create a box out of half of a shirt box or two boxes out of one box!

Step 1: Buy a box. (or use one you already have)

Step 2: Cut a hole in the box. Just kidding, don't do that. But do go watch Justin's video if you are so inclined. Love that skit and JT.

The real step 2 is taking half of the box and folding it down flat if it isn't already.

Then fold over each end of the rectangle to meet up with the opposite folded down side and make a crease as shown in the the 2nd and 3rd photos below.

Step 3: Open the box back up to see where your creases are. Notice how it is the same width as the two sides at the ends. Well this middle piece will become a new "side" in the smaller box you are creating. Then cut slits on the long sides where the creases are. Make sure the slits go all the way to the edge where the box is folded.

Step 4: Fold over half of the rectangle to become the new box top and bring it over the other half using the creases and slits as the new side. If it doesn't seem to fit over the other half well then try the opposite side as the new top instead.

Tada! A whole box is born! I have found this size of box to be perfect for wrapping so many smaller things like books, socks, kids clothes, scarves, gadgets, etc.

This also works for rectangular boxes that are smaller than shirt boxes but made out of that same thin cardboard. Hope this simplifies your wrapping and gives you a wider range of box size options!


  1. Genius!! Thanks for the tip. I just made two perfect sized boxes 😃

  2. Very awesomely helpful! Thanks!!! Will be making my cookie exchange boxes!!!!! :)

  3. Very awesomely helpful! Thanks! Am going to make my cookie exchange boxes!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worked out great for me😀

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worked great!

  6. Awesome. So grateful to you.

  7. Yes! Genius! Thank you.

  8. Thank you! Needed to wrap a bottle of cologne and every box was just way too big! This was perfect!

  9. Genius!!! You are definitely the Joy Mangano of the gift box!! What a great way to use up the tops or bottoms that never seem to have the matching half!

  10. This is awesome and it turned out looking just like a store purchased box! Perfect for those odd box bottoms/tops hanging around in your wrapping kit. Thank you!

  11. Perfect idea...used it for a few Christmas gifts and friends were impressed

  12. Exactly what I was looking for! Super simple and easy to follow directions too! Great post!

  13. Sure helped me out,needed a box to mail a small gift. Thanks.

  14. Hello,

    That's an amazing idea you have shared . i like it very much and try this.



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