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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Since I already showed you the mantle in detail, I want to recap what the rest of the house looked like decorated for Christmas. I still have all the decorations up and we plan to take them down next weekend so we can enjoy them as long as possible.

Here is the outside. We used icicle lights, lighted garland and wreaths, plain wreaths, lights along the sidewalk, LED color lights in the bushes, lighted present boxes, a penguin, a wooden snowman sign and wooden reindeer (which we borrowed from my parents) that we put a spotlight on. Oh and you can't forget the cranberry wreath on the door.

It looks like this when it is completely dark. I believe it is important for your outdoor decor to look great during the day and at night.

After driving around to look at lights this year (an annual tradition) we have some ideas for improvements next year.

On the inside in the family room we did two trees this year... the tree we have had for several years now and a 7 ft skinny tree Peggy gave us. I really liked the skinny tree since it was easy to decorate and didn't take up much room. It might sound like a lot to do two trees but last year we didn't even have a tree up or hardly any Christmas decor since we were trying to sell the first house and went to FL for Christmas.

This was prior to having a new tree skirt for my skinny tree sent to me by Peggy.... it looks even better with a proper tree skirt.

I'm sure this won't surprise you but we have a Clemson tree too.... its a mini metal tree. You can sort of see it in the breakfast area in the photo above. I swapped out the red napkin under it for a white one which looked much better with all the orange. I usually get one or two Clemson ornaments each year which I love love and now they have a tree of their own. I added some orange and purple balls to fill it out.

We also put lighted garland on the staircase.

As a reminder here is the mantle again.

I put around other Christmas decor like homemade Santas and angels and snowmen out. And the clay pot tree my mom made us on the coffee table.

I also have a couple of plates up in the kitchen area and a silver wire tree on the kitchen table.

We did our Christmas card ribbon door again on the pantry door. I really like getting the mail during the holidays and adding cards to the door.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday this year! The worst part will be taking all the decor down so I'm just enjoying it all while I still can.


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest...I was searching for pictures of rooms done in Valspar's Carmalized Onion paint, and of your old dining room/ office came up! Which led me here! :) And BTW, we are in the Charlotte area too! Indian Trail actually. Anyways, I love the photos of your new home & am curious...the shots above of the family room, you have no curtains, no blinds on those back windows. How do you like that? I have always debated doing that in our family room....we have several windows and its pretty private back there in the back yard.... does it feel "cold" at nights in the winter? Or are you just not there yet & plan to cover the windows?

    1. Hi! So glad you found my blog and that you are in the Charlotte area too... we absolutely love it here! Valspars Caramelized Onion was perfect in our last house's office. It looked great against white trim.

      About the no blinds or curtains in the family room... I really liked it and don't think it feels "cold" at night. I wasn't sure at first since in our last house we had blinds on all the windows but the backyard is pretty private and I just love all the light and the views of the trees that it lets in. We skipped doing blinds in the family room and breakfast area next to it which also has a big sliding glass door to our screened porch (which I think I would hate having blinds over anyway). I am probably going to put up curtains in the family room area but just one panel on each end of the 4 windows only for decor and not actually functional. I hope that helps!


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