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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visitors from Delaware

Last month, we our friends Tyler and Whitney came to visit for the weekend from Delaware and brought their sweet 9 month old son, James, with them. Keith and Megan came up for the weekend too. The 6 of us usually get together once a year like when we went to Louisville one year, Gatlinburg one year, Asheville one year or last year Johnson City for the baby shower. But this was the first time it was the 7 of us and we were all so excited to meet James.

We picked them up from the airport Friday morning and came back to the house to all hang out for the afternoon. We spent a good amount of time at our neighborhood playground and I was able to capture overwhelm James with my picture taking. He is pretty much paparazzi ready now.

His favorite part of the playground was this tunnel. Here is a play by play of what I think James must have been thinking during tunnel time. "Hey dad, what are you doing in here? This tunnel is for kids."

"Your big head is blocking my view of the windows over here. Time to move"

"Alright then, I'll just climb over you. Your hair makes for a nice grip!"

"Now I have the tunnel all to myself"  I just love his cute static hair!

"Who is this guy with a strange smile holding me"

Even though this was not the best time of day for picture taking due to the super bright sun and he didn't want to look at the camera, I still attempted to get a few photos of James playing in the mulch. He really loved that stuff and it was all over him in a matter of minutes.

Such a sweet family of 3

On the walk back to the house, James decided he liked Eric better without his hat so he could feel his hair.

After he got cleaned up he played in the exersaucer. Our amazing neighbors lent us a pack n play, high chair, stroller and exersaucer for James. The exersaucer was great especially because James had started pulling himself up and walking a few steps so you had to keep a very close eye on him unless he was in the exersaucer.

That evening we went to Food Truck Friday. We got there pretty early so there wouldn't be much of a wait and so we could be back before James bedtime. After he went to sleep we enjoyed cupcakes, champagne and played games.

Saturday after lunch at the house we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the Whitewater Center. James took a wonderful nap while we were there too. Yes Florida was playing basketball this day and won (too bad their streak didn't continue them all the way).

When he woke up he really enjoyed hanging out in the picnic table area.

Saturday night we had tacos at the house with Crock Pot Shredded Chicken and we played games again. Sunday was a really lazy day since it was rainy and cool all day. We all hung around the house and played with James and watched lots of basketball (this weekend was during March madness after all). We got take out Thai takeout for dinner.
I used the tripod and captured the best picture of the 7 of us that was possible on such a gloomy day indoors before Keith and Megan left to go home. 

The fellas

Monday morning Eric drove our visitors to the airport to fly home. We really enjoyed a fun weekend and meeting James and cannot wait to visit them sometime in Delaware!

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